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Vaginal Dryness

Among the most common menopause issues — and unfortunately, one of the most difficult to discuss — are vaginal symptoms. There are many ways to treat vaginal symptoms including lifestyle changes, hormonal treatments, and sometimes surgery may be recommended by your physician.

Out of 300,000 respondents who have taken our Menopause Assessment:
experience vaginal dryness
said that vaginal dryness negatively affects their quality of life in a significant way
years on average that women experience vaginal dryness in menopause

Vaginal dryness  can happen periodically throughout a woman’s life: during different parts of her cycle, while breastfeeding, and when taking certain medications. These occurrences are often temporary and resolve when the trigger is gone. In menopause, the concern is vaginal atrophy — when the vaginal wall becomes thin and dry, and can become inflamed. 

Before menopause, estrogen supports the layers in the walls of the vagina, keeping it thick and elastic.  

Once estrogen levels drop, the tissues become thinner and less elastic. A lot of women notice increased discomfort and/or decreased sensation due to these changes.

And as the vaginal tissues dry and thin, sex can become increasingly unpleasant or painful; even daily activity such as exercise or sitting can cause discomfort. Incontinence can arise or increase, and infections such as UTIs or yeast infections are of greater risk.

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How we treat vaginal dryness and atrophy:

We'll review your health history and listen to your symptoms.

Our providers will review your health history, family history, and gynecological history before your telemedicine visit.

During the 30-minute video call, your doctor will listen to your experience with menopause so far, including other symptoms you may be experiencing (like painful sex or low libido).

We offer evidence-backed treatments to relieve your symptoms, such as:

Lifestyle modifications & natural supplements

We'll explain how lifestyle changes at home can help boost moisture, like which daily moisturizers to try.

Medical interventions

Our doctors can prescribe vaginal hormonal creams, rings or tablets. By applying hormones to the vagina directly, the hormones stay in the area and aren’t routed systemically through the body, lowering their risks.

Feel 100% again and thrive in menopause.

Our doctors and dietitians are by your side, answering your questions and to monitor your symptoms. As your hormones fluctuate, your symptoms will change over time. Be sure to talk to your doctor about these changes so they may adjust your treatment plan to match your new needs.

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of our patients report symptom improvements after their first visit with a Gennev physician.
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We've helped thousands of women improve their quality of life in menopause.

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Star reviews

My ObGYN at Gennev has always been willing to go above and beyond when doctors nearby have not been willing to do so. I have recommended Gennev to two friends!

Jennifer W.
Star reviews

Katie has been a tremendous help this past few months. Her expertise and guidance helped me make vital decisions in regard to my menopause journey.

Julia S.
Star reviews

My doctor was the first practitioner who took my feelings and symptoms seriously and provided both great information and a well-informed, evidence-based plan of care.

Amy S.
Star reviews

She is very knowledgeable, genuinely helpful and focused, and she listened to me and answered all my questions. I am relieved to have received such solid medical advice, support, planning, and targeted intervention.

Heather McG.
Star reviews

Dr. Lisa Savage is such an excellent provider! I am so happy that she is my menopause specialist. I was very desperate before I met her in the fall.

Angela M.C.
Star reviews

She not only listens, she is engaged and supportive. No matter what questions I throw at her, she always has great feedback, suggestions and has a become a crucial part of my menopause journey.

Bev H.
Star reviews

Jessica totally has her act together. I was impressed by her gentle use of behavioral intervention techniques. She was warm and supportive.

Frances M.
Star reviews

Dr. Savage helped remove the veil of mystery, and address the WHY all of these changes are happening. Just having clarity, and a knowledgeable person to bounce ideas and concerns off of is a huge gift.

Tracey R.
Star reviews

Jessica was very knowledgeable about my questions and concerns... I was very pleased that Jessica took the time to listen to me and gave me guidance along the way. She never made me feel like we were rushed...

Karin L.
Star reviews

She answers questions without making me feel dumb for asking them. I appreciate the undivided attention I get in this format... so often in a doctors office you feel rushed and not the center of their attention.

Tricia M.
Star reviews

Oh, finally! Someone that seems to truly understand! She debunked everything I though I knew. Was a bit unsettling at first but she spoke with authority, facts and data which instilled confidence.

Molly H.
Star reviews

Stasi was a wealth of resources, giving ideas and things to try for symptoms. She asked good questions and had specific suggestions I could try right away. It’s very helpful to feel heard and supported.

Tracy G.
Star reviews

My menopause journey has been like a rollercoaster ride, ups, downs, twist and certainly turns on top of the stress from my work, which has really effected my health. Stasi has been my coach and cheerleader through it all...

Vanessa B.
Star reviews

Dr. Dunsmoor-su was fantastic. She is very knowledgable and relatable. It was so refreshing to have a physician who does not just say, "that's what happens when you get older..."

Frances M.
Star reviews

It is a HUGE relief just to have a chat with someone who can tell me all the strangeness I am experiencing IS strange, but it is also perfectly NORMAL.

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