Menopause Fatigue

Menopause fatigue is an exhaustion that cannot be resolved with more sleep. It can make you feel like your energy has bottomed out. Feeling fatigued is among the top symptoms reported by women in the menopausal transition.

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Out of 300,000 respondents who have taken our Menopause Assessment:
experience fatigue in menopause
said that menopause fatigue negatively affects their quality of life in a significant way
years on average that women experience menopause fatigue

Menopausal fatigue is due in large part to hormone changes and the downstream effects. The levels of estrogen and progesterone are changing all at once and these interact with the endocrine hormones associated with energy from the adrenal and thyroid. This instability can be hard for the body and can lead to crushing menopausal fatigue.

Feeling tired goes hand-in-hand with another common perimenopausal symptom—trouble sleeping. When you’re waking up frequently at night or have trouble falling asleep, it’s little wonder that the next day you feel drained with poor sleep quality.

How we beat menopausal fatigue

We'll review your health history and listen to your symptoms.

Every woman's experience of menopause is as unique as she is. We'll first review your medical history, family history, and gynecological history prior to your telemedicine visit.

During the video visit, you'll share your experience with menopause, starting with your quality of life and other menopausal symptoms you're experiencing (such as menopausal fatigue or anxiety).

Talk to a menopause specialist during a 30-minute video visit through our secure telemedicine portal.

We'll discuss evidence-based treatments proven to relieve fatigue, including:

Lifestyle modifications & Natural remedies

We'll recommend supplements, vitamins, as well as lifestyle and diet changes, to help boost energy levels, improve sleep hygiene, and lifestyle changes.

Medical interventions

Based on your health history, we’ll review therapies and medications that can help improve your fatigue. Our doctors may suggest further testing options to rule out other issues that could be contributing to fatigue.

Feel 100% again and thrive in menopause.

Our doctors and health coaches are by your side, answering your questions and monitor your symptoms. As your hormones fluctuate, your symptoms will change over time. Talk to your doctor about these changes and your Gennev doctor will adjust your treatment plan to match your new needs.

Your plan changes as your menopause symptoms do.

92% of our patients report symptom relief after the first visit.

Everyone's experience with menopause is unique. That's why our integrated care model offers evidence-based treatments that are personalized to fit your needs.

By understanding what was happening I could be part of the change, not being too afraid to talk about it or seek help. I learned tips for sleeping better, eating differently, exercising that was right for my body, supplements that would make all the difference and recognizing what the symptoms were telling me and then trying the various things that could help not just the symptoms but the underlying cause! My self-worth was plummeting and now I am all about nurturing myself and self-care.
Stasi was a wealth of resources, giving ideas and things to try for symptoms. She asked good questions and had specific suggestions I could try right away. It’s very helpful to feel heard and supported.

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