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Welcome to the Integrated Care Model for Menopause

Our providers are ready to help support you in menopause, every step of the way.
Our team listens to your story, we explain what’s happening in your body – both physically and mentally – and then we create a personalized care plan for you. Sometimes that plan includes prescription medication, and other times, we keep it to lifestyle changes in nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and natural supplements proven to relieve menopause symptoms.
  • 150+ Years of Clinical Experience
  • Evidence-Based Treatments
  • 1:1 Conversation Safe At Home
  • Personalized For Your Needs

From the Common to Uncommon

Get back in control of your body & symptoms

Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

Painful Sex and Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness & 
Painful Sex

Weight Changes

Weight Fluctuations & Changes

Chronic Fatigue and Energy Production

Chronic Fatigue

Low And No Libido

Low or No Libido

Mood Changes

Mood Changes

Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods

Anxiety & Emotional Wellness

Anxiety & 
Emotional Wellness

Insomnia & Sleeplessness

Insomnia & 

Hair & Skin Changes

Hair & Skin Changes

Brain Fog

Brain Fog

Joint Pain & Inflammation

Joint Pain & 


We've helped thousands of women find relief.


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There's education for puberty, fertility, and pregnancy. How about menopause?

Our board-certified doctors have launched a series of online seminars addressing the common questions that they hear from patients, from what's happening to hormone treatments.

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We worked with leading naturopathic clinicians to create supplements, vitamins, tinctures, and lotions specially formulated to alleviate over 12 common symptoms in menopause.

Acclimate Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is the most widely used botanical natural remedy for hot flashes and night sweats.


Nourish Body Wash

Fragrance-free, pH balanced body wash that effectively cleanses and conditions the skin.


Glow Omega-3 for Women

Glow Omega-3 for Women is a pharma-grade supplement packed with premium DHA/EPA for heart health, brain health, glowing skin, and moist eyes.