Insomnia and interrupted sleep is one of the must frustrating symptoms of menopause. From night sweats to ruminating thoughts, there are many reasons why we don’t get the rest we once experienced. Poor quality sleep can exacerbate menopause symptoms, so don’t delay addressing trouble sleeping with your doctor.

Out of 300,000 respondents who have taken our Menopause Assessment:
experience insomnia in menopause
said that insomnia negatively affects their quality of life in a significant way

There are lots of reasons women sleep poorly during midlife. Hot flashes. Worries. Night sweats. Restless leg syndrome. Pain. A never-ending to-do list. Urinary issues. Sleep apnea. Even if you don’t have trouble falling asleep, you may find yourself waking up more often throughout the night and having a harder time falling back to sleep. Unfortunately, sleep problems don’t usually disappear along with other menopause symptoms.

How we treat insomnia in menopause

We'll review your health history and listen to your symptoms.

Every woman's experience of menopause is as unique as she is. We'll first review your medical history, family history, and gynecological history prior to your telemedicine visit.

During the video call, you'll share your experience with menopause, starting with your quality of life and other symptoms you're experiencing (such as trouble sleeping, fatigue or anxiety).

Talk to a menopause specialist during a 30-minute video visit through our secure telemedicine portal.
Improve your quality of life in menopause with our Gennev providers by your side.

We'll discuss evidence-based treatments proven to relieve insomnia, including:

Lifestyle modifications & Natural remedies

We'll conduct a sleep audit to see what triggers in your environment and life that may influence your sleep.

We will also review your supplements, vitamins, and recommended lifestyle modifications that can help support better sleep.

Medical interventions

Based on your health history, we'll explain and can prescribe medications proven to improve sleep quality, such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Feel 100% again and thrive in menopause.

Our doctors and health coaches (RDNs) are by your side, answering your questions and to help monitor your symptoms. As your hormones fluctuate, your symptoms will change over time. Talk to your doctor about these changes and your Gennev doctor will adjust your treatment plan to match your new needs.

92% of our patients report symptom relief after the first visit.

Everyone's experience with menopause is unique. That's why our integrated care model offers evidence-based treatments based upon your individual needs.

I've been working with Stasi for almost 18 months.  She has been fantastic and has truly helped me on my journey through this time of my life.  I'm certainly becoming a better version of myself thanks to her!
I look forward to my sessions with Katie - she is a wealth of knowledge in a variety of menopause health areas. She not only listens, she is engaged and supportive.  No matter what questions I throw at her, she always has great feedback, suggestions and has a become a crucial part of my menopause journey. I am so glad to have her as a sounding block / resource as I try to minimize and manage the overwhelming menopause emotions that are so foreign to me.

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