Our providers know menopause, from the common to the uncommon.

Symptoms are experienced differently for each woman: some may have hot flashes for a month or several months, some women may never experience heart palpitations, spotting, or an itchy vagina. This list covers the symptoms that our doctors and RDNs can treat and discuss during your telemedicine visit:

Heart & Temperature Changes

Hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause, but heart palpitations is not discussed enough.

Vaginal Changes

1 in 3 women report vaginal dryness or issues within their lifetime.

Weight & Body Changes

Water retention/dehydration
Body odor changes
Dry eyes
Ringing ears or tinnitus

Hair & Skin Changes

Thinning hair
Unusual hair growth

Joint Pain

Also known as "musculoskeletal pain,"

Your treatment should be as unique as you.

After reviewing your health history and symptoms, your Gennev provider will start to create your custom plan with evidence-backed treatments proven to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Your custom treatment plan can include:

Menopause Diagnosis & Stage

Menopause Diagnosis

We listen to your experience with menopause thus far, along with your health, gynecological, and family history.
Supplements and Vitamins Proven To Help Menopause

Supplements & Vitamins

We recommend natural botanicals that are proven to help provide relief from common symptoms.
Prescription Medication For Menopause

Prescription Medication

We prescribe life-changing medication, like hormone therapy and birth control, to address and alleviate symptoms.
Nutrition and Diet Are Important During Menopause

Nutrition & Diet Changes

One of the most important things you can do to manage hormone symptoms is to create stability through your nutrition.
Movement, Sleep and Mindfulness Go A Long Way In Menopause

Movement, Sleep & Mindfulness

Discover new ways to keep your body moving in a healthy, sustainable way that encourages a healthier lifestyle during this time.
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Community & Programs

Join our online educational programs with a small group of women going through similar challenges like yourself.