We are proud to announce that Gennev is now in-network with Aetna’s commercial health plans in all 50 states. As the nation’s leading virtual menopause clinic, this allows us to bring more accessible quality menopause care to millions of women across the United States.

Read all about it in our official news release that follows below.

Virtual Menopause Clinic Provider Helps Women Improve their Quality of Life

SEATTLE, WA – Gennev, the nation’s leading virtual menopause clinic provider, announced today that it is now in-network for most of Aetna’s commercial health plans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Care provided as part of a Gennev integrated menopause treatment plan is available without prior authorization for most Aetna® commercial members and may require a referral within HMO plans.

“One fifth of the U.S. workforce consists of women of menopause age, yet few of them seek treatment for symptoms that impact their quality of life,” said Gennev CEO Jill Angelo. “Gennev providers help women understand where they are in their 7–10-year journey, then they deliver a customized, evidence-based plan to help them feel relief. This agreement with Aetna® will increase access to this menopause care for millions of American women, while helping to reinforce the need for this care with both employers and the women struggling to find solutions.”

A 2023 study by the Mayo Clinic titled, Impact of Menopause Symptoms on Women in the Workplace found that issues stemming from menopause caused approximately one in seven women to miss work, reduce their hours, or quit, retire or be laid off. Most of those same respondents found working during menopause more challenging than other common life changes, yet the majority of them felt uncomfortable talking to supervisors or human resources about their experiences.

Gennev providers have already helped thousands of U.S. women improve their quality of life by prescribing personalized, evidence-based treatment plans and delivering the virtual support needed for those plans to succeed. Integrated treatment plans may include prescription medication, nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness, and behavioral health therapies. Gennev’s team of OB-GYNs and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists serve patients nationwide, and 92% of patients report some symptom relief after their first visit.

Aetna commercial members can book an appointment or take the Gennev menopause assessment at gennev.com, or call the care team at (206) 895-4292 to schedule a visit. The cost of your virtual visit and any necessary prescriptions may vary based on your individual plan. For detailed benefits information, please contact the phone number on the back of your Aetna Member ID card or by visiting Aetna.com

To learn more about our whole-body approach to menopause care, or to book a virtual visit, click here.  


Gennev Staff

May 15, 2023

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