At the top of many women’s most wanted lists in menopause is a good night’s sleep. And arguably throughout menopause, women don’t just want it, they need the restorative benefits that only a good sleep can provide.

A leading cause of sleep disruption in perimenopause is night sweats, affecting up to 75% of women. But other common reasons women sleep poorly during midlife can be due to increased worry and stress, restless leg syndrome, joint pain and arthritis, overactive bladder, and sleep apnea.

No matter what your age or stage of life, good sleep is essential for every major process in the body to function at its peak. Consistent, restful sleep will help to:

  • Support the immune system
  • Lower inflammation in the body
  • Increase daytime energy and endurance
  • Enhance cognition and memory
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help to regulate appetite and supports weight management
  • Help to lower risk of chronic disease (diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease)
  • Support positive social interactions and relationships

With so many women suffering from sleep disturbances in midlife, it’s no surprise that Gennev’s menopause library includes a number of articles providing education, tips and information to help optimize your sleep regimen and get the rest your body needs. We hope you will add these sleep articles to your reading list, and be sure to check out our staff’s picks for sleep products that can help you get the most out of your sleep.

The Better Sleep in Menopause Reading List

  • Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep  - If sleep is a constant worry of yours, that in itself can make it difficult to get to sleep. Stop obsessing and start enjoying a good night’s rest with these simple but effective strategies to put the “good” back into your “night”.  
  • How Dangerous Are Your Sleep Habits - Some of your sleep habits may actually be affecting the quality of your sleep.  Learn the fixes to 10 common bad sleep habits.
  • How to Quiet Repetitive Thoughts at Bedtime – If you go to bed only to find yourself staring at the ceiling with what seems like a gazillion thoughts and worries on repeat, you are ruminating. Rumination (repetitive thinking) is usually associated with anxiety and stress, and when it occurs at night it is a symptom of insomnia. Read 5 valuable tips that can help you manage rumination.
  • Perimenopause Night Sweats: How to Sleep with Hot Flashes - Night sweats and hot flashes affect up to 80 percent of women in menopause, and they can go on for years. Learn 8 ways to cool off night sweats.
  • Isn’t it Time for a Good Night’s Sleep - Many women in midlife suffer from trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and low energy during daytime hours. Learn 3 lifestyle changes that support restful sleep, and have a look at the ingredients in Gennev’s proprietary Sleep formula developed especially for women in menopause.  

Staff Picks: Products that Support Better Sleep

  • BedJet – A cooling and warming system for beds. Its biorhythm technology gives you the deep, restorative sleep your body needs
  • Hatch Restore -  A sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, meditation app, and an alarm clock, all in one smart sleep assistant.
  • Ooler Sleep System - The OOLER’s advanced active cooling technology keeps your bed at the perfect temperature all night—as low as 55°F!
  • Gravity Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket – Gravity’s classic cooling weighted blanket features a revolutionary moisture-wicking fabric designed for breathability and specifically for hot sleepers.
  • Alaska Bear Sleep Mask – The ergonomic design of this sleep mask allows your eyes to blink without constriction, providing an “invisible mask” feel and promoting a dark, restful and restorative sleep.
  • Insight Timer – White Noise helps you relax during the day and sleep great at night. By masking distracting sounds, it helps you to focus, relax and sleep.  

Note: Gennev is in no way affiliated with or receives any compensation from any of the products included in the Staff Picks listed above.

If you notice a change in sleep pattern that may be associated with the menopause transition, especially if body temperature instability is part of the problem, consider an appointment with a Menopause Specialist to address the role that hormonal shifts can play in your trouble sleeping.


The information on the Gennev site is never meant to replace the care of a qualified medical professional.  Hormonal shifts throughout menopause can prompt a lot of changes in your body, and simply assuming something is “just menopause” can leave you vulnerable to other possible causes. Always consult with your physician or schedule an appointment with one of Gennev's telemedicine doctors before beginning any new treatment or therapy.


Ann Marie MacDougall

December 16, 2022

Medically Reviewed By

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