Dear Gennev-ers,

Thankfulness is a gift when times feel tough.

2016 has been a tough year for many people I care about, including me. The election just seemed to top off a year of anxiousness in a world where many things feel out of control, desperate, mad and filled with such anger and resentment towards one another.

Feel down? Yeah, me too.

But I’m taking this week to reflect on things I appreciate. One thing I’ve noticed is that the thankfulness in my heart goes far deeper than it’s ever gone before. It feels more real and authentic. That’s perhaps because I need it to carry on.

Thankfulness feels so good.

I’m so deeply thankful for my husband who props me up every day. Laughs with me. Loves me.

I’m blessed with family whom I love and who love me back. No tension. Just acceptance.

My friends, oh my gosh my friends! They listen, they laugh, they problem-solve, and they tell me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it.

And then there’s Gennev. At times, she’s an all-time high and other times a stressful low. The mission for women’s health is the steady hand…and it’s the part I’m most grateful for.

I get to work with incredible women and men every day to help women feel fabulous in their bodies. Gennev has brought a whole new level of fulfillment through the menopause stories and the impact we’re making on Gennev-ers around the world. I’m deeply thankful for our small yet mighty Gennev-ers team.

I’m healthy and I’m able to run 13 miles when I want to. OK, that’s pretty awesome too!

So, 2016 has had a lot of good in it.

When I stop to reflect and break down the things that matter most, gratitude is running through my veins! And it feels extra warm and peaceful given the many external factors I have no control over.

No doubt, the tough stuff of politics, refugee crises, race tensions, women’s rights issues, lying, anger towards one another isn’t going to stop overnight. But what gives me pause is that I’m still me. And I’m the boss of me. I can face this world of tough-going, because I’m filled with the optimism that gratitude brings to my soul.

On this Thanksgiving, I wish you five minutes to simply find some of the gratitude that will help you move through the challenging times we’re in.

And if you’d like to add your list of thankfuls to my list, please email them to me at, and I’ll publish our collective list. Thankful begets thankful, and happy begets happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

jill angelo, genneve cvo


Shannon Perry

May 30, 2017
Director of Programming & Media

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