Can women’s menopause health issues be solved by a questionnaire?

At Gennev, we don’t think so.

Some of the new organizations claiming to focus on health care for women would love for us to believe it’s that simple, and that – on the strength of a questionnaire – it’s perfectly safe to prescribe hormones, antidepressants or other prescription-strength drugs that have traditionally involved a doctor.

All I can say is, that must be one HELL of a questionnaire. 

Or, alternatively, the safety of patients is taking a lower priority than selling drugs.

I am all for giving women more power, greater access, even more convenience when it comes to managing their menopause symptoms – I also know there are safer ways to do it.

At Gennev, we’ve spent the last 3 years listening to women. We know women today are used to having more autonomy over their bodies and health than previous generations, and that doesn’t change when they reach menopause.

We’ve heard from thousands of women that they want experienced practitioners who are not going to give them the brush off, telling them menopause is something they’ve “just got to deal with.”

To us, a questionnaire feels like the ultimate “brush off” – turn something as complex and individual as menopause and turn it into a series of drop-downs with no conversation, no context?

No way.

Our take-away is that women still want relationship-based healthcare that gives them access to menopause experts with the added benefit of online education, a community they can engage with 24x7, and curated products that offer symptom relief.

And women want to know that they’re doing the best thing for their bodies – that the new prescription won’t interfere with other medications and their health history and individual situation are being taken into account.

At Gennev, we take special measures to bring you the most experienced ob/gyns and nurse practitioners via Gennev’s telemedicine service. Having a video-based, 1-on-1, private appointment is important for us to safely and ethically bring you the best care, while still fitting into your life.

Simple? Check. Convenient? Yep. Safe? Absolutely.

If you think we can (and should!) have both convenience AND quality care, I challenge you to forward this email to one woman in your life that you care about. The goal: to create greater awareness of the healthcare options available to us as we tip-toe into perimenopause or ride full-on into post-menopause.

We’re modern women. We have #notimetopause.



Shannon Perry

May 3, 2019
Director of Programming & Media

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