Resiliency is our ability to adapt to – and thrive through – times of change.

New job, new spouse, adding babies, subtracting college-bound kids, moving, losing a parent: change, whether happy or sad, adds its own challenges to our lives.

If we’re resilient, we stay focused on the positive, are confident in our ability to get to the outcome we want, and embrace the opportunities change brings.

What do sex and flossing have in common? Increasing our life expectancy. Yep.

Menopause and resiliency

Think about it: who is more immersed in change than a woman in perimenopause / menopause? Our bodies are changing, our emotions change (sometimes from minute to minute); if we’re in midlife when the transition comes, more than likely our lives are undergoing some changes as well.

Any woman going into or out of the menopausal transition is already pretty darn resilient. She has to be. But resiliency is kind of like joy: a little is great. A lot is better. Good news! Even if you were born with only a little resiliency, you can still have a lot.

Evidence suggests that resilient people live longer and experience more satisfaction with their lives. Evidence also suggests that resiliency can be learned, developed, and strengthened. If you’ll live better and longer with a little practice, isn’t that worth the effort?

If you’re ready to become even more resilient, to meet changes with a smile and a strategy, check out this article on PRiME Women about seven ways to build your resiliency.

What’s your experience with change? Do you dread it, celebrate it, grit your teeth and get through it? Let us know how resilient you are and how you deal with changes in your body and world. Share with us in the comments, on our Facebook page, or in Midlife & Menopause Solutions, our closed Facebook group!



Shannon Perry

July 6, 2018
Director of Programming & Media

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