“At Gennev, we know that being in control” is one of the most important securities that grounds us in life. When you feel in control, it brings contentment. When you’re not in control, things get uncertain and fear and anger often show up.

This week’s events have me feeling uncertain…but not without hope.

Whether or not you agree with abortion, the power of government over women’s bodies is once again a hot topic with new legislation in Alabama. I won’t even link to my sources on the new law, because I want to give you the freedom to search out information on the topic that aligns with your views.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, never would a law be passed holding men to a standard that can change their life forever based on a moment of sex, wanted or unwanted.

What gives me hope is that women (and men) are speaking out about the topic on all sides.

On an equally heavy note, I saw a film titled A Thousand Girls Like Me, in which a 23-year-old Afghan woman speaks out against her father who raped her for 13 years, resulting in countless pregnancies and two children that she is now raising.

Oddly, the story is not as bleak as it sounds. Instead, it’s a story of a young woman using public media to uphold a decade-old law that forbids men from abusing and raping women. The fact that the law is only 10 years old is one issue, but even more, the law hasn’t been enforced until now with Khatera’s brave determination to speak out.

Bringing this full circle, I recently met a woman by the name of Denise Paleothodoros who is speaking out about her rocky start to perimenopause in the work place titled, Menopaused at Work: It Can be a Mind F*ck. In it, she’s honest, she’s funny, she’s human. I loved it, and I love her very real look at how we mask menopause-related symptoms at work.

As women, we’re master cover-up artists. We know how to suck it up when it comes to the pain, embarrassment, and oppression associated with our reproductive health. We’re masters at covering up our angst at being out of control.

But these stories I outlined are examples of women speaking up. They’re paving a path for the rest of us who might not be that bold or aren’t afflicted in the same way, but may know a loved one who has faced unjust ramifications simply for being a woman.

Gennev’s mission is to empower women to take control of their health in midlife and menopause.

Feeling in control starts with knowledge and access to information. It starts simply with knowing where your circle of safety exists, and we hope we can bring that to you.

You don’t have to make a film, march in protest or even bravely publish your story on LinkedIn, but I do encourage you to seek out what makes you feel in control. If you don’t know where to begin, I encourage you to reach out to the Gennev community, ask questions, and experience the power of a people that support you.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Wendy Sloneker

May 24, 2019

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