There are nearly 37 million menopausal women in the U.S. today. We’re gen-Xers, baby boomers and if you’re a cancer survivor or you’ve had a hysterectomy, you may even be a millennial.

We’re at the height of our careers, our families are becoming more independent and our parents more dependent.

We’ve also got more spending power than any other audience and we influence 85% of all household spending.

We’re a force. I like us. I like being part of this tribe of real, bold women who are getting honest with our bodies, our hearts and our souls.

Speaking to women in menopause

Everywhere I look lately, companies and brands are trying to find ways to speak to us.  In the Groove and Ageist are two examples that represent a new approach. For decades we were invisible, but I feel a real social change happening.

It might be too early to declare victory against the stigma of menopause or aging, but we’re certainly game on.

What’s interesting to me is, what do we call ourselves?

Are we women in midlife? Women of a certain age? Menopausal women? Wise women? Maturing women? Age-defying women?

I don’t like any of those references. And yet, we’re a demographic with power and influence, and I want us to claim it. I don’t have the answer.

Brands are struggling with how they reference us in their marketing. Here’s a fine example of a new line of hot flash and beauty products that are struggling with terms like “menopause-age” and “anti-aging.”

We’ve struggled with this same challenge at Gennev. As we consider new products that take on menopause symptoms including insomnia, anxiety and hot flashes, we’ve tussled with how to positively reflect their role in empowering you to feel your best.

How do you want to be referenced? I’d love to hear what you think on this topic. Together, we get to redefine a new generation of women. We get to redefine how society sees us. We get to take back control even when menopause can make us feel out of control.

Email me at with your perspectives on this redefinition and I’ll publish them in a follow-up to this group.

Let’s do some work together for us and for generations ahead!


Shannon Perry

May 31, 2019
Director of Programming & Media

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