Like many women, Lauren Chiren had a rough transition to menopause. During a particularly bad 18-month stretch, her brain fog and short-term memory got so bad, she quit her high-powered senior role, concerned she was developing early onset dementia.

When she learned she was actually dealing with menopause and there were ways to manage her symptoms, she decided to commit herself to helping women so no one would go through what she did.

Now as Founder and Director of Women of a Certain Stage, Lauren coaches executive women, helping them make the lifestyle changes that allow them to continue to perform during perimenopause and menopause. And she educates organizations on how to best support this very valuable workforce of women.


What do you think a "menopause optimized" workplace should look like? Do you have one? If not, how can we start the conversation to make workplaces friendlier for women managing the menopause transition?  What is your workplace doing right or wrong, and do you feel comfortable and supported? Is it worth the risk for women to admit they're in menopause and try to make some changes? (Yes, we know, it shouldn't be a "risk" at all, but that's the often-sexist and ageist world we live in, no?) 

We'd love to hear your ideas, so please share! Comment below, or find us on Facebook or in Midlife & Menopause Solutions, our Facebook group. You can also join us, anonymously, if you prefer, on our community forums.




Shannon Perry

December 18, 2018
Director of Programming & Media

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