I’m a day late with this week’s blog, because I was holding out for Gennev’s latest review of our Menopause Assessment data.

If you’re not familiar with Gennev’s Menopause Assessment, it’s a free questionnaire that, when completed, explains where you’re at in your peri/post menopause journey. You’ll receive a snapshot of how your symptoms compare to our global community of women, plus recommended educational resources, products and a direct connection to a telemedicine doctor for quality care.

We recently reached 5000 completions! This is a fabulous milestone for women’s menopausal health.

With every assessment completed, we’re able to deliver more effective menopause solutions for women like you. The symptom data you share helps us correlate when and how severely symptoms are impacting women of various ages, regions, ethnicities – all with a mission to return more effective solutions to you.

We don’t share this data with anyone. It’s safely collected and secured within our HIPAA compliant system.



Here’s what we’ve learned

68% of you are in perimenopause and 32% in post-menopause

The top 3 highest-reported symptoms are:

Hot flashes are synonymous with menopause, yet only 65% of you reported having them (ranking 9th out of 16 in our symptom categories).

Trusted facts about HRT and effective nutrition are two of your top requests.

Many of you are resourceful when it comes to symptom management. You’ve shared the products, services and behavior changes that have worked for you, which help us recommend solutions to others with similar symptoms. For example, magnesium is one of the most effective dietary supplements you report for trouble sleeping, anxiety and pain management.

Here’s what we’re doing with that important information.

As the largest, most comprehensive database of women’s menopausal data, Gennev is bringing personalized solutions to you.

How many of you read the book, What to expect when you’re expecting? I have never birthed a child, but I’ve given the book to a handful of friends as they embark on the path of motherhood.

Having a baby has a roadmap that’s standard for most women – you know that you will go through the first trimester, the second and third trimesters – and your baby (and body) will transition through phases of growth.

With menopause, the path for every woman is frustratingly unique. You find yourself asking your mother or close friends what the hell is happening in your body. Sadly, we have little to go on when it comes to preparation or even prevention of the symptoms that come with it. And it can be painfully lonely.

Gennev is using the Menopause Assessment data to help us create a menopause roadmap for you. We believe that if we study hundreds of thousands (even millions) of women in peri and post menopause, we can collectively predict where your hormonal health is headed and how it may impact long-term conditions like osteoporosis, heart-health and Alzheimer’s.

The key word here is “collective.”

The more women who take the assessment, the more effective our personalized menopause roadmap will be for every woman who takes it. The more effective the roadmap, the more impactful our services, products and programs.

If you’re one of those women who think you’re “too far gone” beyond menopause, think again. Your post-menopausal symptom reporting informs our ability to bring prevention and behavioral recommendations to you based on what you reported.

Haven’t taken the Menopause Assessment yet? Here’s the link to do so. It takes 7 minutes of your time, but you will come away more informed and resourced than when you started.

If you’ve taken the assessment, thank you. Now, please forward this email to others for our collective power to be realized.

This is a crowdsourcing effort to better healthcare for women in the second half of life. We’re creating a better menopause experience not just for ourselves, but for our daughters and granddaughters and the women who are maturing into some of the best years of their lives.

Let’s do this!




P.S. Happy Labor Day weekend! I’m jetting off to a week of creativity and relaxation with my husband and friends. I’m taking the week to re-energize my brain, my soul and my body and will be back online the week after!



Shannon Perry

August 31, 2019
Director of Programming & Media

Medically Reviewed By

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