Continuing our conversation with Dr. Erika La Vella, in this month's Microbiome Series, we're asking the doc about how food affects our microbiome for good or ill, how we can eat to protect beneficial gut flora, and substances that may impact our gut.

The gut microbiome is sometimes referred to as "the second brain." Why? Because what happens in the gut does NOT stay in the gut. As science explores gut flora, we're discovering more and more how microbiome health impacts so many other systems and organs of the body.

That means taking care of the gut is pretty critical to feeling good and being healthy. And like every other organism, beneficial bacteria rely on the right food sources for optimal health.

So what do they eat? They eat what we eat, for better or worse. Fortunately, people like Dr. Erika La Vella have a good handle on what food our good gut bacteria thrive on, and she shared that information with us.

Hint: As our bodies change in perimenopause and menopause, so does our digestion and our gut. Even if you've been eating "gut healthy" for years, you may notice differences in how your body reacts to food. If that's the case, it might be time to reevaluate your diet and if it's truly suited — still — for optimal gut health.




Shannon Perry

August 18, 2020
Director of Programming & Media

Medically Reviewed By

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su

Chief Medical Officer

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