Health Coaches are a vital link in connecting women with the care they need to take control of their menopause. Gennev Women's Health Coaches are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) who, in addition to their extensive nutrition training and experience, have been trained specifically in supporting women during menopause. They provide support, recommendations, resources, and accountability to help you navigate menopause and thrive along the way.

We sat down with Gennev’s Director of Health Coaching and Dietitian, Stasi Kasianchuk to gain an insider’s perspective on being a health coach, and how they offer much needed support to women in managing their menopause.

How did you get started in health coaching?

Through my own interests and enjoyment in nutrition and exercise I have come to learn how this can help me feel my best and wanted to share this with others. Through continued education and training as a dietitian in behavior change science I have learned approaches that I use to support my clients in finding the habits and practices that are accessible and realistic for them to implement to feel their best. Throughout my career I have come to learn more about other aspects of our lifestyle, in addition to exercise and nutrition, that impact our quality of life such as sleep and stress management. Integrating these things all together I can support women holistically.

What do you find most rewarding in your work?

Working with and supporting amazing women who, no matter how bad their menopause symptoms, are showing up to learn, willing to be vulnerable, and embrace their beautiful, changing bodies. This is by no means easy. In a society that does not value age, especially in women, it can be hard and uncomfortable to have conversations about menopause. However, we need to have these conversations to support future generations of women. My clients are a part of this change and I love being part of this movement. There is work to be done and the future is bright.

Why should someone consider working with a health coach?

Our health coaches are dietitians who use a supportive and compassionate approach personalized to our client’s needs. Menopause can create uncertainty and isolation. Working with a Gennev coach you have a knowledgeable expert that can answer questions to mitigate uncertainty and provide support. Most importantly, we will always remind you that you are not alone and menopause isn’t forever.

What advice can you offer for someone preparing for their first session?

Calls with your coach are opportunities for you to share your story. It can be scary at first, but know that there is no “wrong way” to do it. It can be helpful to have your main questions, concerns, and primary symptoms causing disruption to your life written down to refer to. If you have questions about supplements have these near you, so you can answer questions about brand, dose, and ingredients.

Are there any themes you have seen recently in your work with Gennev members? 

Focusing on more pleasure, joy, and fun has been a theme with several clients recently. While this may differ from what they found pleasure in five or ten years ago,  I find that women really benefit from exploring this to learn what joy is for them now.  Once they do, and start implementing these things more often, there is a certain freedom and liberation that can occur. When we center on joy in our lives, menopause symptoms aren’t quite as all-encompassing anymore.

What is your personal message to women about the menopause experience?

For too long menopause has been disregarded and women have suffered in silence. This needs to change. We have an opportunity to reclaim this time of life for women to be one of celebration and opportunity rather than doom and gloom. That’s not to say that every day will be bliss and when it’s not, pretend it is. Instead, it’s an invitation to start the conversation, acknowledge the discomfort, and be open to exploring the possibility that there is more celebrating to do.

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About Stasi Kasianchuk

As a sports dietitian and exercise physiologist Stasi approaches her work with her clients through the lens of optimizing performance by supporting and working with an individual’s physiology. Having worked with a variety of clients over the past decade including collegiate and elite athletes to now working with peri/post-menopausal women, she has come to realize that everyone wants to optimize their performance in life. Recognizing that this often looks different for each individual, Stasi uses a personalized approach to help women feel their best. Outside of work Stasi enjoys trail running, swimming, weightlifting, yoga, group exercise classes, and biking; weekly trips to her local farmers market; cooking at home and dining out with her partner; and walks with her dog, Plinko.




Shannon Perry

March 24, 2021
Director of Programming & Media

Medically Reviewed By

Stasi Kasianchuck

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Director of Lifestyle Care

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