Team Gennev is lucky. We get to hear from you.

You call us to place an order. You email us your thoughts on our products. Sometimes we have the very real pleasure of talking to you in person.

You tell us about your problems and your pain; you share what gives you joy and your reasons for hope. You ask us questions, and you give us answers. And every time we talk with you, we learn something new.

Join Our Menopause Group

Sometimes we get to tell your story to the rest of the Gennev community, like when Michelle went through menopause and almost missed it, or when Anne rediscovered herself after her hysterectomy. But you have so much more to share.

So we’ve created a Facebook group, Midlife and Menopause Solutions, as a place for you to meet each other, talk, share ideas, ask for and receive the support you need.

Because we want women to feel comfortable discussing intimate topics, MMS is closed group, meaning only those who are approved to join can post or see others’ posts. I’ll be there as admin, and CEO Jill is also a member, so please say hello!

There are some community guidelines we ask everyone to follow so conversations stay relevant, thoughtful, and polite. You’ll find those under “description” to the right of the page.

Come in, kick off your shoes, and curl up on the couch with us. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!



Wendy Sloneker

July 5, 2017

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