In this podcast, Jill had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Angela Jones, award-winning ob/gyn, media professional, and author. She’s delivered thousands of babies and answered hundreds of thousands of questions on every aspect of her profession. From menses (first period) to menopause and beyond, Dr. Angela has the answers, so we jumped on the chance to ask “Menopause 101” questions we have and have heard from you.

Introduction Into Menopause With An Award-winning OB/GYN

If you’re not always entirely sure what’s going on with your body, if you’re concerned what you’re going through isn’t “normal,” or if you want to be ready for what might lie ahead, Dr. Angela has guidance, reassurance, and answers for all.

One question we hear a lot is, what exactly is the difference between “perimenopause” and “menopause”? Dr. Angela gives us the lowdown on the definitions, what women might experience during these phases, and how to get a ballpark idea of how long the process might take for you.

So what exactly is going on in our bodies during these phases? Dr. Angela fills us in on the science of what’s going on in there.

Because the experience of menopause is still such a taboo subject, women don’t always know if what’s happening to them is “normal.” We asked Dr. Angela what we should know to take care of ourselves correctly.

Dr. Angela speaks specifically to the question of thyroid disorders, the symptoms of which can be mistaken for symptoms of perimenopause.

As we age, we may need to do a little more “maintenance” to stay healthy and vibrant. Dr. Angela talks us through some of the tests we should do or do more often as we get older to ensure we’re in the best of health.

Dr. Angela gives her recommendations on “lifestyle modifications” and why these can act as preventative medicine. As she says, the right diet and exercise will take you a long way.

When we hit our 40s, is it time to change up our birth control? First things first: “If you don’t want to get pregnant, you need to be doing something!” But you do need to be sure your birth control is right for you, and Dr. Angela gives some tips on how to move forward.

Low-dose hormonal birth control can have other benefits for the over 40s in addition to avoiding pregnancy, and Dr. Angela fills us in on how birth control can help alleviate or moderate perimenopausal symptoms.

We asked Dr. Angela to “coach” us on how to talk to our doctors, what information we need to have ready when we walk into our appointments, and what questions we should ask. Because women are often embarrassed to talk about their bodies, even with their ob/gyn, Dr. Angela has some best practices for getting the information you need.

Why is there so much shame and embarrassment about this completely normal phase of life? “I have no idea!” Dr. Angela says, but she offers some ways we might move forward to celebrate this time of our lives rather than dread it.

How does Dr. Angela feel about using supplements or other methods to manage menopause symptoms? While our doc adheres pretty firmly to ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) standards, she says, “Go for it!” to patients who want to try acupuncture, black cohosh, or other alternative treatments. However, Dr. Angela does want anyone trying something new to follow important guidelines, which she outlines for us.

Need to find a new ob/gyn? Dr. Angela gives her insights on how to find a doc who’s current, certified, and reliable.

Dr. Angela offers her concluding thoughts about how to thrive during menopause. As she told us, “Aging doesn’t scare me, and it shouldn’t scare women. Women should be embracing the aging process.” Like a bottle of fine wine, Dr. Angela says, we’re just getting better.

What questions do you have for Dr. Angela? Add them to the comments below, or give us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll get them in front of her! You can also learn more from Dr. Angela by checking out her “SAY WHAT” blog and podcasts at

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Shannon Perry

January 25, 2017
Director of Programming & Media

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