How many women experience painful sex at some point in their lives? The number could go as high as 75 percent. And for many women, the condition is chronic. Painful sex can damage our relationships, keep us from enjoying all those health benefits of sex, and generally make our lives a little less rich and joyful.

That’s why Gennev hosted the Painful Sex in Midlife webinar on June 21.

How To Avoid Painful Sex In Midlife Webinar

Our panel of health care professionals, counselors, and innovators in the sexual health space answered questions, offered solutions, provided counsel, and helped attendees understand their options.

If you weren’t able to attend, no problem! We recorded the full, hour-long conversation. You can find links to the resources they discussed below.

Meet the experts who just might help you get your happy, healthy sex life back….

Our Painful Sex webinar panel

Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg

2017/2018 President of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), Dr. Kingsberg’s expertise in sexual medicine, female sexual disorders, and menopause make her an invaluable resource for women, especially women in midlife. She is the Division Chief for OB/GYN Behavioral Medicine at UH Cleveland Medical Center, and Co-Director of the Sexual Medicine and Vulvovaginal Health Program at UH Cleveland Medical Center.

Dr. Rachel Gelman

Rachel Gelman is a clinician, writer, and educator with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt University. She specializes in treating pelvic floor dysfunction in men and women at the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco where she serves as the Branch Director. She has advised journalists on such varied subjects as depressed vaginas, anal beads, and the squatty potty, and she even schooled Dan Savage on bladder control during intimacy.

Liz Klinger

CEO and co-founder of Lioness, Liz is bringing smart technology to the vibrator. Her unique device captures the strength and intensity of a woman’s orgasm, allowing the user to track her response and understand the factors that affect her sexual pleasure. The Lioness is great for women in midlife and in the menopause transition, as women can control the experience and gain insights into their response as their bodies change over time. Plus, you know, orgasms.

Emily Sauer

Founder and CEO of the recently developed Ohnut, Emily refers to herself as the “Director of Enthusiasm.” The Ohnut is a unique device that allows couples to control the depth of penetration, giving relief to women who experience pain during sex when their partner penetrates too deeply. One man describes it as “like a hug.” And who doesn’t like hugs? 

Jessa Zimmerman

With a Master’s in Psychology and national certification as a sex therapist, Jessa is the couples counselor you want on your team when navigating sexual health issues. She works extensively with individuals and couples and knows the toll sexual dysfunction can have on intimate relationships. If couples are avoiding sex because of physical or emotional pain or both, Jessa can help them communicate more openly, discover new options together, and find their way back to intimacy. 


Jessa Zimmerman mentioned the book When Sex Hurts. Check out her website for information on couples sex counseling; listen to her podcast, and get updates on her soon-to-be-released book, “Sex without stress; a couple’s guide to overcoming disappointment, avoidance and pressure.”

Rachel Gelman mentioned the book Pelvic Pain Explained, which you can find on her organization’s website. Click here if you’re looking for a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic pain or the pelvic floor. Stay tuned to Gennev for an upcoming blog on what to do if you don’t have a pelvic PT to turn to.

Interested in Vital V yam cream?

If deep, penetrative sex is painful, you can order an Ohnut at

Curious about your sexual response? Check out the Lioness smart vibrator.

To order lubricants and moisturizers that are proven effective for many women with vaginal dryness, visit Gennev.

What did you think of the webinar? Is there a topic you’d like us to discuss in a future webinar? Please send any feedback to We’ll be doing more of these, so please help us make them as valuable as we can.

What’s your experience with painful sex? Did you find a solution, are you still searching, did you feel you had to give up on sex? Please share in our Gennev Community forums!



Shannon Perry

June 22, 2018
Director of Programming & Media

Medically Reviewed By

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su

Chief Medical Officer

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