At Gennev, we’re announcing an expansion of our popular HealthFix subscription service. In this time of the COVID-19 virus, our online services are even more in demand, so we’re making it even easier for women in menopause to access the answers and services they need.

We talked with Gennev co-founder and CEO Jill Angelo about what this new HealthFix program includes and why it's needed.

What is HealthFix?

Gennev HealthFix is a monthly membership that offers on-demand access to OB/GYNs and Health Coaches for personalized menopause care with nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and prescription support.

Why is HealthFix such a great resource for women in menopause?

Gennev has learned that menopause management goes beyond providing prescription support, because not every woman can or wishes to take hormone therapy. To fill the gap, Gennev built the HealthFix membership to offer women both behavioral and medical solutions to menopause symptoms through a team of health coaches, registered dietitians, physiologists, and OB/GYNs.

Gennev’s continued innovation advances the possibilities of telemedicine to give women the physical and mental health support they need online through the entire life cycle of menopause. In addition, because Gennev’s platform is online, at this critical time with COVID-19, Gennev is focused on helping women stay out of waiting rooms to keep space open for critical patients and to follow social distancing protocols.

You’ve recently created a second subscription option – how does it differ from the first?

We originally launched HealthFix to provide only behavioral support for improving nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management as they relate to menopause symptoms. Patients worked with Health Coaches who are also Registered Dietitians to create a personalized menopause plan for their care.

More than once we heard from women that they wanted medical care as well. They wanted their Health Coach to be talking directly with their doctor rather than them having to be the go-between. In response, we created a second HealthFix membership which we call HealthFix Premium to include unlimited access to Gennev OB/GYNs, Health Coaches, as well as complimentary Gennev products.

This Premium option includes medical care, including access to MDs who can make diagnoses, prescribe medications, and then connect with the patient’s Health Coach to help keep that patient accountable to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management behaviors for managing their menopause symptoms.

And in a time where social distancing is becoming so important, we see HealthFix as remote care option for women in menopause to get the help they need from the comfort and safety of their homes. This leaves clinics and ERs available for critically ill patients.

How can I decide which HealthFix plan is right for me? Is there an ideal candidate for each?

It really depends on what a patient needs. If a patient wants to try managing their menopause symptoms purely based on nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress lifestyle behaviors, then working with a Gennev Health Coach and accessing Gennev dietary supplements, lubricants, and hygiene products might be the best option for them. These services and products are all available for $25 per month in the HealthFix Basic membership.

If a woman prefers to also have a doctor as part of her menopause care team, then HealthFix Premium at $75 per month is the plan for her. Note that this pricing is less than a telemedicine appointment on, so it’s a great value, not to mention it offers unlimited video and chat access to Health Coaches, quarterly complimentary Gennev products (value of $50), and 10% discount on all Gennev product purchases plus free shipping.

If a woman starts with HealthFix Basic, and she and her coach determine that she should see a doctor, she can upgrade to HealthFix Premium at any time.

We’re working to price healthcare for the everyday woman, rather than having personalized, remote care available only for wealthy people.

How closely do your docs and coaches work together?

HealthFix Premium was created from feedback from women asking for a “team approach” to their menopause care. They wanted doctors and coaches to work hand in hand and remove them as the middle-person always responsible for relaying messages.

With that as our grounding feature of the Premium membership, our doctors and coaches work very closely together, while still respecting the doctor/patient privacy that is expected with quality health care.

Can I use HealthFix if I’m pre- or post-menopausal? What do you have to offer me?

What’s awesome about HealthFix is that it’s personalized to every member. When a woman signs up, her initial conversation is with a Health Coach who creates her personalized menopause plan. This plan aligns to the goals the patient wants to accomplish – whether that be better managing her mood swings, or minimizing fatigue, or helping her sustain nutrition habits that will minimize hot flashes, for example.

Whether a woman is in perimenopause or post-menopause, we all need a healthy way of living. HealthFix is designed to help women achieve that. And, during times like coronavirus, we also need to boost our immune systems, and HealthFix Coaches and Doctors are experts at helping women achieve a strong immune response.

Since you brought it up…. I’m worried about the coronavirus. How can HealthFix help me?

Coronavirus most often impacts people with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems. HealthFix and the healthy lifestyle behaviors your Health Coach will work with you to create improve your immune system, not to mention your menopause symptoms.

Plus, having access to quality health care specialized for women through HealthFix can help keep women out of clinics and ERs where more critically ill people may be. Social distancing is becoming the new normal, and HealthFix is making that possible for women everywhere who still need access to health professionals, but from the safety and convenience of their home.

According to Gennev’s Menopause Assessment, I’m a type 3 – does my coach know what that means and how to help me?

Your Gennev Menopause Assessment is secure and accessible only to you, until you release it to your Gennev Health Coach and/or doctor. So, yes, when you provide access to your Menopause Assessment to your health care team, they can help you manage the symptoms you’re experiencing and also help you understand how you will transition through menopause – from Type 2 to Type 3 and beyond .

What is the Personalized Menopause Plan? What does “personalized” mean?

A Personalized Menopause Plan is a care plan that you and your Health Coach design together. It’s created to fit a woman and her needs vs. the typical trial-and-error searching (and money wasting) that women often face when looking for menopause symptom relief.

The Health Coach has a template that she will work with you on to define your health goals (e.g. sleep better, minimize night sweats, improve energy, minimize mood swings). Once your goals are defined, she helps you identify and then modify habits in your nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns, and stress response with different behaviors. Our coaches’ number one goal is to create a sustainable plan for you. They are accountability partners who will check in on women to help them be successful in reaching their goals and feeling better. They can also help women understand what their doctor may be advising, and then be the go-to on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for check-ins, questions, or simply a listening ear.

So, a Personalized Menopause Plan is personalized to a woman to include what she needs to feel better – both physically and emotionally. It may also include recommended supplements or over-the-counter products or even prescriptions if a woman is subscribed to HealthFix Premium.

Consider HealthFix and our Personalized Menopause Plan as remote concierge medicine that’s affordable to women at various levels. It’s been published that, on average, women spend $2116 per year on menopause care. Our goal at Gennev is affordable health care, and HealthFix and Personalized Menopause Plans are our answer to reaching millions of women, not just the few who can pay a lot of money.

If you’re a HealthFix subscriber, we’d love for you to share your experience. What has it been like working with a Health Coach? What have you been able to put into practice, and how has it helped your quality of life? Tell us in the Gennev Community forums!




Shannon Perry

March 12, 2020
Director of Programming & Media

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