Menopause is possibly the world’s worst-kept secret.

Half the world’s population goes through it, and yet many women we talk to are shocked to learn the headaches, anxiety, weight gain, insomnia, tingling fingers, restless legs, hearing loss, and rage they’re experiencing may all be symptoms of the perimenopause/menopause phase of life.

And that those symptoms can start as early as their mid-30s.

“I thought one day my period would just stop, maybe I’d have a few hot flashes and that was it,” one Gennev community member told us. “I had no idea how much menopause would impact every aspect of my life.” It’s a sentiment we hear again and again and again.

It’s a “challenging” time. And not knowing what to expect or how to handle it can make matters so much worse. We want the current group of transitioning women to be the last group to be mystified, embarrassed, scared, and overwhelmed by menopause. At team Gennev, we want women to have a healthier, happier, easier menopause – and we’re helping make that happen.

Midlife shouldn’t be something to dread. It’s a great, vibrant time of life when women feel freer, more independent, more creative, stronger, bolder, more themselves than they’ve ever felt before.

If you’re ready to step into your vibrant, glorious midlife, or if you’re there and want to share, we hope you’ll join us at an amazing occasion: the M event by Gennev.

What you’ll learn at the M event

On November 10, we’re gathering the foremost practitioners in women’s health to share their latest work across subjects like hormones and sex, brain fog and Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular health and skin health, cancer and aging.

We have an amazing lineup of experts to help you thrive through the transition and beyond:

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD MSCE, Board Certified Ob/gyn and Owner and Lead Physician, RenuvaGyn; Director of Health, Gennev, will take on the topic of “Vaginal health and sexual dysfunction.”

Dr. Lisa Mosconi, Neuroscientist, neuro-nutritionist, and Alzheimer’s researcher, Weill Cornell & New York Presbyterian, Author of Brain Food, The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power, will talk about “The link between estrogen, menopause, and Alzheimer's risk.”

Dr. Sarah Speck, MD, Medical Director of Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute, Owner of Speck Health and co-founder of POTENTRx, will address “Heart disease risk after menopause.”

Nicole Negron, Certified Women’s Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant on female brain chemistry and hormonal health, will speak on “Weight, hormones, and the cycle of life.”

Dr. Arianna Staruch, Naturopathic Doctor and Dean for the School of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University, will tell us about “"Naturopathic Support for Women in the Menopause Transition."

Dr. Keira Barr, Certified Dermatologist and Chief Wellness Officer, Resilient Health Institute, Author of The Skin Whisperer, will discuss “Let's get naked: Are you listening to your skin?”

Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to get even more information from our speakers during a live Q&A.


But wait… there’s more!

The event will be held on the grounds of beautiful Bastyr University. We’ll enjoy a light breakfast and delicious lunch provided by their catering staff.

During breaks and at lunch, participants will have the opportunity to check out our expo, where vendors are showing and selling products and services tailored to the midlife woman.

After lunch, there will be a small-group session facilitated by Nancy Board, Co-Founder and COO at Global Women 4 Wellbeing. Group members will do a deep dive into “Menopause, hormones, and rage.”

Because we want women everywhere to have the opportunity to learn more about their bodies, their health, and their futures, the M event will be live-streamed on the day and available on-demand after. To get access to the free live-stream or on-demand, register for the event, and under "Tickets," choose the "live stream" ticket option. 

Giving back

Gennev is proud to be a Founding Member of Global Women 4 Wellbeing; 10% of all ticket sales will go towards women's health and well-being research through GW4W's global work.

How to register

Participation in the small group event is limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis. If you’re interested in participating in the small group, be sure to select the correct ticket on Eventbrite. Remember, to get the link to the free live-stream and/or on-demand versions, you'll need to register, choose "Tickets," then select the free live-stream option.

The details

The M event will be held Saturday, November 10, 2018, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA.

Our non-profit partner

Non-profit partner for the M event, Global Women 4 Wellbeing

Our sponsors

sponsors of the M event

Our Media Partners

media partners for the M event




Wendy Sloneker

October 11, 2018

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