Join us on the Today Show with Maria Shriver!

Gennev, women's menopause clinic, is going to be on the Today Show!

On December 10, Gennev co-founder and CEO Jill Angelo is going to take a seat next to Maria Shriver and talk about hot flashes and wonky periods and why every woman deserves a healthy menopause journey.

Menopause isn’t a new topic for Today. They’ve recently talked about “What every woman should know


and had our favorite neuroscientist, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, on the show to talk about the link between menopause and Alzheimer’s disease.


What’s Jill going to talk about on Today? 

You. You are the modern menopausal woman, and no generation before has been like you.

In our surveys, in our online communities, and in discussions, you’ve told us some important messages that Jill will be passing on:

You want access. You want accessible, affordable care from qualified medical professionals who understand menopause, the complete range of treatments available, and how women can stay healthy well beyond the menopause transition.

You want information. Jill will talk about the thousands of you who have taken our Menopause Assessment because women today want to know where they are on the journey, how to manage the symptoms they’re experiencing, and what may lie ahead.

You want to make menopause normal. It is normal and natural, but try and start a conversation about menopause around the water cooler, right? Research, solutions, understanding – to have these, we have to be talking about menopause openly and frankly.

Ninety-four percent of you in our survey asked for help to make menopause normal, and what better way to do that than talk about our experiences on the Today Show?

We hope you’ll join Jill on the Today Show December 10. Let’s get this conversation going, because modern women have #NoTimeToPause.

Chief Medical Officer, OB/GYN Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su

explains how Gennev is helping women take control of their health in menopause

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Wendy Sloneker

November 28, 2019

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