As a healthcare provider, Gennev’s first priority — always — is the health of our patients and community.

That “north star” is why our doctors are so carefully vetted, our Health Coaches are all Registered Nutrition Dietitians, our products are made to the most rigorous standards, and the information we share is reviewed by our Chief Medical Officer.

It’s why we started our telemedicine and HealthFix programs — we saw a need to extend our reach to include serving women who don’t have easy access to woman-centered care. It’s taken us years to get here because we’ve taken each step slowly and carefully to ensure we were getting it right from the start.

It’s your health, your wellness, your quality of life on the line, and for Gennev, getting it right is the only option.

These are challenging times

Now is no different. We know people are scared. Scared to go grocery shopping, scared to go to work, scared to stand too close to a neighbor, scared, even, to go to the doctor when they’re not feeling well.

And with good reason. We don’t know yet how the virus spreads, or exactly how long it lives on all surfaces, or why some people get so sick while others show few or no symptoms at all. Until we know more, the safest bet is staying home as much as possible to avoid in-person contact with others. That includes doctors.

Dr. Eric Topol wrote an article for the Economist in which he noted that “In Italy, hospitals were considered one of the main sources of covid-19 transmissions and doctors urged that care be provided at home.”

To help extend the reach of healthcare, to help calm fears of going to a doctor, to ease the burden on our over-stressed healthcare facilities, Gennev is extending our telemedicine services.

How we’re meeting the COVID 19 crisis

Dr. Topol’s argument in that Economist article is that we need to ramp up digital medical care, like telemed: “Now is the time to harness the potential of the technology to provide better and more efficient care,” he says.

We agree. We knew when we launched our telemedicine platform in 2019 that we would be providing much-needed access for women; now that COVID 19 has made telemedicine the norm for health care, we’re expanding to meet the increased demand.

Women can access our online care services in two ways:

  1. By appointment. If you’re running a fever, and you’re not sure if it’s a symptom of the seasonal flu or COVID 19, or maybe it’s just the onset of hot flashes, make an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss all your symptoms and get help. If you need a prescription refilled, we can do that too. Our doctors are OB/GYNs, so we can help with medical and prescription support for HRT, bone density meds, UTIs, etc. And many of our doctors are also experienced with primary care and can help with other concerns such as acid reflux, congestion, constipation, hay fever, nausea, pink eye … nearly all the things you’d ordinarily go to your PCP for. And of course, our docs are menopause specialists. Just because COVID 19 is out there doesn’t mean hot flashes, sleep disruption, anxiety, etc. just go away — if anything, women are experiencing an intensifying of symptoms due to increased stress. Our docs are experts in menopause care, and right now, you need to be taking care of YOU – all of you. What can our telemed physicians do for you? Check out list of our conditions and prescription support

  2. Through our membership program. Gennev’s HealthFix program is really about getting well and staying well. Whether you choose our Basic option, which gets you unlimited, on-demand access to our Health Coaches; or our Premium option, which includes unlimited telemedicine appointments with doctors as well, these programs will help you optimize your health with the combination of lifestyle/behavior changes and medical interventions that works best for you. Work with a coach to manage sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, and more. If you decide HRT or some other medication to manage symptoms might be a route to explore, talk that over with a doctor to understand all your options.

How does an online health care appointment work?

In order to be registered in our secure system, you’ll make an account on the Gennev site. Your free account provides you with a dashboard which will help you track your appointments as well as provide you with resources available only to Gennev members.

When you make a telemedicine appointment (to meet with a doctor), you’ll sign up with a doctor who is licensed to practice in your state. You’ll be able to choose an appointment time, and your appointment will show up on your dashboard, along with the button to start the appointment.

A lot of things are very like you’d expect at an in-person appointment: you’ll be asked to provide some basic information about your health and history, including medications you’re taking, conditions you’re managing, allergies, and so on. The appointment itself will be via video. Because you filled out your medical history beforehand, your doctor will be able to focus entirely on you and your concerns.

If you and your doctor decide a prescription is necessary, we’ll phone it in for you and bill your insurance as appropriate.

You have a healthcare team

At Gennev, we believe everyone deserves to have a health care team – and we want to be that team for women. In addition to our doctors and Health Coaches, we have a bunch of other resources to help you take control of your health:

Expert webinars. During the COVID 19 crisis, we’re offering free, live, weekly webinars on the subjects that matter most. Access the webinar schedule and register for any and all that interest you. Learn how to sleep better, manage stress, optimize nutrition, build mental resilience, and more. If you’re not able to attend the webinars, go ahead and register so you’ll get the link to the video and podcast recordings.

Community. It’s always helpful to talk with others who are going through the same thing you are, and especially in a time of social isolation, community can be so important. Our community forums are a great place to enter a conversation, drop a question, share a solution that worked for you, or just laugh, rant, and cry with other women in the same place you are.

Resources. Looking for a comprehensive how-to for All Things Menopause? Try our 2020 Guide to Menopause. Wondering if what you’re going through is “normal”? Take a look at the 2019 Menopause Zeitgeist for reassurance and inspiration. We’ve compiled all our COVID 19 resources in one place, and we’ll keep adding as we learn more. And of course, we have a large and growing library of physician-vetted information on menopause, including podcasts, videos, articles, and more.

You don’t need to go outside the safety of your home for quality health care and support. Share this link with all your friends who are looking for answers and assistance. Health care for women is what we do at Gennev, and nobody does it better.



Shannon Perry

April 8, 2020
Director of Programming & Media

Medically Reviewed By

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