So many women ask, Why isn’t there a pill for menopause?

The reason is because menopause is basically estrogen withdrawal. And because we have estrogen receptors all over our bodies, the lack of estrogen shows up as a whole lot of different symptoms.

And even a single symptom, like poor sleep, may have a bunch of different causes, including joint pain, hot flashes, anxiety, and stress.

Sure, one solution can make a difference, but when problems are as challenging and multi-faceted as sleep, energy, or even feminine dryness, Gennev’s Menopause Systems can do a whole lot more.

Based on a deep understanding of how menopause affects bodies, Gennev’s menopause systems are designed to tackle problems from multiple angles, and the products are formulated to work better when used together.

In addition to working better together, bundling saves you money! When you purchase a system, you save 10 percent off the price of purchasing each item individually.

Gennev AM/PM Daily Menopause Pack

Gennev AM PM Pack

Are you craving the energy you used to have? Taken as part of your morning and bedtime routine, the AM/PM Daily Menopause Pack helps restore energy during the day and brings a peaceful sleep at night.

In the morning, take the Gennev Vitality multi-vitamin between breakfast and lunch to fight afternoon fatigue, regulate mood, and provide whole-body nutrition that can help bones, hair, and nails. Women rave about this new multi-vitamin formulated for women 40+. As one satisfied Gennev Vitality customer said: "I am not a vitamin person...never have been.... Vitality has been amazing. I have been taking them for over a month and I've never had an upset stomach - even if I don't eat much in the morning first. I also don't like to drink a lot of caffeine but I do feel tired in the afternoon but after taking Vitality I don't get that afternoon energy slump."

At night, add the Sleep CBD + Melatonin softgels and Magnesium Glycinate to your bedtime routine to help you get more rest at night. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and free of morning anxiety. Our bodies naturally make melatonin, but as we age, we make less. Gennev Sleep CBD + Melatonin supplies just the right amount to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep peacefully. With the natural stress- and pain-relief many get from CBD, the softgels are a powerful sleep aid that do not create dependency or the “boomerang” effect of worsening sleep you can get from OTC sleep aids.   

Each of these products and can be purchased separately, but if taken together, you get the benefits of them working in harmony to help you feel your best. The AM/PM Daily Menopause Pack is priced at $89.95 for a 30-day supply (which equals a 10 percent savings on all products when purchased as a system).

Gennev Sleep System

So. Many. Women are affected by interrupted sleep in perimenopause and menopause. And lack of sleep can make a very challenging time even harder to manage. So the Gennev Sleep System takes on all the reasons women aren’t getting good rest.

Sleep CBD Tincture absorbs quickly through the tongue so you fall asleep faster. Our Tincture is THC-free and can be used safely with kids, pets, and older adults without fear of getting "high." The organic peppermint essential oil gives it a nice, refreshing flavor.

Magnesium for sleep is another natural aid, but up to 80 percent of us don’t get enough of this powerful nutrient. It can also relieve joint pain and menstrual cramps and relieve the morning anxiety many women experiences.

The Gennev Sleep Challenge addresses many of the other reasons women have trouble sleeping: food and drink choices, hydration, stress, movement, and more. Daily, users receive a text tip to their phone, helping them practice good sleep hygiene for natural sleep improvement.

Purchased together as the Gennev Sleep System, you get the compounding effects of these products working together. And, priced at $56.96 for a 30-day supply, you get a sweet 10 percent discount compared to purchasing the products individually.

Gennev Menopause Dryness Care

Gennev Feminine Dryness Bundle

Are you craving better sex? Feminine dryness can really ruin the moment. Formulated by OB/GYNs and naturopathic doctors, the Gennev Menopause Dryness Care system soothes vaginal dryness. Gennev’s Ultra-Gentle Body Wash gently cleanses and balances the pH of a woman’s intimate area. Gennev’s Intimate Moisture feels and functions like a woman's own moisture to relieve feminine dryness instantly, enhance intimacy, and help with painful sex. And the aloe-infused Cleansing Cloths are a fabulous way to freshen up afterwards or on-the-go.

These products used together work more effectively to ensure you feel like your old self down there, and we’ve priced the Gennev Menopause Dryness Care system at $34.95 for a 30-60 day supply, so you get a better value as well!

Why “systems”?

The Gennev systems were created for a number of reasons:

  1. Simplicity = consistency. For most menopause solutions, it takes time for your body to adjust and really feel the benefits. If you’re not consistent using the product, that time can be even longer and the benefits more gradual. We want you to feel the goodness as soon as possible, so making sure you have a good supply of everything you need makes that a whole lot simpler. (Hint: a monthly subscription that lets you set it and forget it is even better for helping you stay consistent, not to mention the additional discount.)
  2. Evidence-based research. Our systems were created using treatments that truly complement one another, like combining magnesium glycinate and CBD for better sleep. It’s the definition of synergy: combined, the effects of each solution are even greater. We have a whole team of medical professionals weighing in on the best combination of products for symptoms, so you don’t have to do the research!
  3. Price/footprint. When we can send products packaged in one shipment, you save money, we save money, and we use less packaging, which helps save the planet’s resources.

As women buy products, we learn what you need, and as women provide feedback on the systems, we’ll continue revising and improving our offerings. Please pass along feedback to

So, about that “magic pill” for menopause …

For many women, HRT can do a lot to alleviate menopause issues, so explore it as an option if you’re a good candidate. If HRT isn’t right for you, your “magic pill” for menopause might be more of a “magic packet.” But that’s OK. Our systems can help you put a lot of things right and manage your menopause in a new and healthy way.


Gennev Staff

September 3, 2020

Medically Reviewed By

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