Authored by Sports Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Gennev Health Coach, Stasi Kasianchuk

Gennev Menopause Coaches are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) who, in addition to their extensive nutrition training and experience, have been trained specifically in supporting women during menopause. Your Menopause Coach will provide support, recommendations, resources, and accountability to help you navigate and thrive during this time of your life. 

How long will calls with my Menopause Coach be?

Approximately 30 minutes.

What will we discuss?

The discussion completely revolves around your goals and concerns. Your Menopause Coach will use their expertise to best support you by providing recommendations, resources, and strategies to help you in optimizing your health and wellness during this time of your life.

How does a Menopause Coach differ from an OB/GYN?

As Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN), Menopause Coaches have a different scope of practice and skill set than a medically trained OB/GYN. OB/GYNs can diagnose and treat medical conditions and symptoms related to menopause as well as prescribe medications. Menopause Coaches act as lifestyle coaches by providing recommendations and support for you in implementing habits to better manage menopause symptoms. Menopause Coaches cannot prescribe medications or diagnose or treat symptoms, but at Gennev, Menopause Coaches and OB/GYNs work together to support you.

What kind of training have you had to qualify?

RDNs have been trained through course work and an internship to implement effective, nutrition-based interventions that are supported by scientific research. Additionally, our Menopause Coaches have training and experience in supporting women in lifestyle habits such as stress management, sleep, and exercise to really optimize your health. 

What will an appointment consist of?

The initial call is focused on your questions, concerns, goals, and you and your coach getting to know each other. At the end of your first call, your coach will provide you with a plan for you to move forward. From there the follow-up calls will discuss the strategies and recommendations made on the previous call(s) and continue to build on these to support you in feeling your best.

What should I do to prepare for the appointment?

Having your responses from your assessment handy as well as the date of your last menstrual cycle is recommended. In addition, having a list of questions and concerns prepared can be helpful in making sure you get the most out of your calls. 

How often do we talk?

At the end of the initial call, your Menopause Coach will make a recommendation for what they think is the best call cadence for you based on your goals, your concerns, and your availability. Call cadence can also increase or decrease throughout your time in the program based on what is best for you. 

What kinds of problems can you help me solve/what solutions can you offer?

Menopause Coaches can support women in menopause in SO many ways. Listed below are several ways they best provide support but note this is in no way an exhaustive list, and all recommendations will be personalized to the individual. 

  • Strategies and recommendations for nutrition to support weight management, sleep, and optimal energy
  • Guidance and accountability around developing activity/exercise routines
  • Suggestions for improved sleep
  • Strategies for managing hot flashes
  • Mindfulness techniques for stress and anxiety
  • Guidance around supplements

Am I able to reach my Menopause Coach between calls?

Absolutely. You can communicate with your Menopause Coach via email between calls. This is great for accountability around implementing healthy habits, and it’s a really easy way to ask questions when they are on your mind.

How do you work with the OB/GYNs in Gennev telemed?

There are several ways that Menopause Coaches and Gennev OB/GYNs collaborate to support continuity of care. First, all visit documentation is kept in one place, so Menopause Coaches can view OB/GYN notes and vice versa. Additionally, if something comes up on a call that is out of the scope of practice of the Menopause Coach they can easily reach out to one of the OB/GYNs and follow-up with you regarding their recommendations. Working together, Menopause Coaches and OB/GYNs also learn from each other to provide the best care for Gennev HealthFix subscribers. 

What is “personalized wellness” – how do you personalize it to me?

As science and research in providing optimal health care continues to evolve, we are learning more and more that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This is very much true during menopause as well. What works for your friend may not be what works for you. The recommendations that Gennev Menopause Coaches provide are based on YOU, YOUR goals, YOUR current health, and YOUR lifestyle.  

What do you mean by “lifestyle” changes?

Lifestyle changes and support refer to those habits that we do every day to live or that impact our quality of life. These include nutrition, activity, sleep, stress management, and appropriate supplementation to name a few. 

Can I get further information from you to continue working on my own?

Yes! Increasing your knowledge about menopause can be helpful in finding the best strategies to help you feel your best. The HealthFix program includes learning modules covering topics such as hot flashes, nutrition and fitness, and mental health. In addition, Gennev has an extensive library of blog posts covering a variety of menopause-related topics. All information posted is based on current scientific evidence, so you can be sure you are getting quality information.  

Why “personalize”? 

Personalized health recommendations are not only more likely to be effective, but behavior change science indicates that personalized approaches are more likely to provide sustainable healthy changes over time. 

Have you taken advantage of the Gennev Health Coaches? If so, we’d love for you to share your experience on our Community forums!



Shannon Perry

December 18, 2019
Director of Programming & Media

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