If you're in or around menopause and struggling with issues such as weight management, sleep, stress, nutrition, bone health, appropriate exercise and more, a health coach could be just what you need. In this podcast, Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, Gennev Chief Medical Officer, and Lauren Leedy, Registered Dietitian and Director of Health Coaching at Gennev, talk about what Gennev health coaches do, how they work with our physicians, how they're specially trained to help women in menopause, and why the Gennev model is such a great value for the money. Want to know where you are in your menopause journey?

First, take our Menopause Assessment.

Then, make an appointment with a Gennev health coach to learn more about the changes your body is going through, and put together a plan to help you relieve symptoms now and stay healthier in the many years ahead. If you had virtually unlimited access to a health coach, what would you ask? If you've worked with a Gennev health coach, tell us about your experience in the Gennev community forums!


October 12, 2019

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