I’m struggling right now. It’s the uncertainty of things that really needles me.

You can likely guess how well I’ve been sleeping. Has anyone else been having crazy dreams lately?


My husband and I are embarking on a move in the next two months, but now we can’t go look at possible places. And professionally, I am concerned about the welfare of my team. Are they able to be the parents they need to be right now with all that I’m asking of them? Am I reaching out to them enough to let them know I care?

Gennev is a business – we’re an online clinic for women in menopause, and recently we added gynecology and primary care services too. We see you as “essential workers” in this crisis. In addition to your “day-job”, you’re likely the primary care giver, meal planner and online-learning specialist.

But even more, we’re a community.

We started as a community in 2016. And, it’s still the heart of our organization. Sometimes it gets overshadowed by the telehealth services and the products we offer. But it’s still our core.

There is a reason why Zoom happy hours have become so popular. People need people!

So, I’m dedicating this Friday letter to community and how you can get what you need, when you need it.

Weekly Webinars. These are new. Our healthcare team is hosting specialists to talk through meal-planning, strengthening your immune system, managing isolation and grief, etc. As long as you keep coming and asking for more, we will keep tackling new topics and offering AMAs.

Community forums. These are messaging boards for questions and answers. The cool thing is, they’re moderated by our health care team – AND – they’re safe and confidential. You can ask whatever you feel comfortable, and it won’t show up in your Facebook feed. Our latest forum has begun on COVID-19, which lists all our COVID-19 resources.

COVID-19 Resources. When it comes to women in midlife, we have our own health concerns around COVID-19. We’ve published some helpful podcasts, videos and articles…and we’ll keep adding to them over time.

Midlife & Menopause Solutions. This is our private Facebook group for those of you who like daily discussion in a less structured environment. We monitor who joins, so it’s safe. It’s still Facebook, but we do our best to ensure that women who rely on one another for advice are the only ones allowed in. No selling. No trools.

Instagram, Facebook (public), Twitter. These are our public channels. If you like to keep updated on happenings, tips and announcements from Gennev and the women in our community, please follow/join/like. We’ll like you back.

Menopause library. Our trusty library of long-standing, original menopause education is and always will be there. And, like all the other community resources I listed, it’s free…and searchable. Use it when you need it. Weekly we publish new articles, podcasts and video.

What kind of community do you need? With us, you have options.

Personally, I’m a lurker on social channels; I’m a consumer of podcast interviews and webinars (where I can multi-task), and from time to time, I like a good forum chat. I don’t need to engage, but I like to know what’s going on.

What’s missing from our approach? Human-to-human contact. You’re going to see more options for small group sessions and forum boards with the Gennev team very soon.

Isolation is real right now. And I think we’re learning that technology isn’t enough. We still need people.

I kind of love how we’re getting back to the essentials of life. It feels more inclusive to me.

If there are aspects to how we do community that you’d like to see changed or improved, email me at jill@gennev.com. Yes, that’s my personal email. Human to human.

Be well,



Gennev Staff

February 4, 2020

Medically Reviewed By

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