As I look back on 2019, it was an amazing year for women in the second half of life.

Everywhere we turned, we saw women owning their lives. From celebrities to politicians; career-focused women to those who have mastered their family needs, we witnessed women taking charge. We also heard from women who were suffering from changes in their health, and from others making huge strides in their well-being.

This article is dedicated to you. As a community, you grew thirty-percent: 85% of you are from the U.S. and 15% of you are from countries around the world.

You showed us that you're hungry for information, so we recapped the Top 10 articles most read by this community to bring 2019 to a close.

As the team and I curated this special edition, we were struck by the diversity of what women in midlife must deal with. It's not just menopause. It's also aging parents, kids, careers, discerning fact from fiction, feeling appreciated in life and finding gratitude and contentment.

We hope you enjoy — even share — this recap of 2019. Here's to an incredible year for women's health. The best is yet to come!

Happy New Year!





Jill Angelo,

Co-Founder and CEO, Gennev

Compounded bioidentical hormones

Looking for a more “natural” solution for menopause symptoms, many women are choose bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. But what is BHRT? Is it safer than HRT? Get the facts on hormones, compounding, hormone “matching,” and how to be your own best advocate when it comes to your care. Read the full article.

Is this normal?

It’s the question we at Gennev hear most often: I’m experiencing X – is this normal? Chances are, yes. Yes, it is. And we’re so glad you asked. We believe the more women (and others) know about the changes of menopause, the safer we’ll all be. So keep asking, and we’ll keep helping you find answers. Read more on what's "normal" in perimenopause.

Benefit from a gratitude practice

Gratitude is good for you. It may be hard to come by when you’re waking up and changing PJs for the third time in one night, but gratitude is actually a powerful healer. Find things to be grateful for, and you may find you have more than you imagined. Learn more about the benefits of gratitude.

Helping caregivers take care of themselves 

The “average” caregiver is a 49-year-old woman — likely also in the throes of the menopause transition. If you’re caring for an elderly parent, ailing partner, young children, etc., you’re at more risk of injury and depression. Find out how to care for you while you’re caring for everyone else.

Internet hygiene in menopause

This term, coined by OB/GYN Dr. Jen Gunter, is about how to parse through all the health “information” you find on the Internet. Our own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, provides some wisdom around vetting online sources to keep yourself safe and informed.

The right way to get calcium in menopause

Remember when “getting calcium” just meant drinking a glass of milk? As we age, our nutrient needs change, and calcium is a biggie. Be sure you know the best ways and times to get your calcium to maximize its benefits to your body.

I think I had my first hot flash

Gennev CEO Jill Angelo talks about having her first hot flash, and how modern women and companies like Gennev are changing the definition of “menopause as the beginning of the end” to better reflect the truth: that it’s the start of a second chapter that can be just as rewarding as the first. 

Healing from a hysterectomy

About a third of American women will have a hysterectomy by age 60. Because it’s so common, and because it’s serious surgery, our Docs of Physical Therapy took us through ways women can prepare for it, recover from it, and move forward in a healthful way. Read more about how to heal from a hysterectomy.

Practicing safe supplements

You suspect you probably need to take a supplement or two to meet all your nutrient needs. You head for the grocery store vitamin aisle and immediately want to give up. There are just too many choices and not enough information. Until now! Practice safe supplementing.

Flash Count Diary podcast with Darcey Steinke

Writer Darcey Steinke had a hot flash and started identifying with whales — in a good way. Certain whales experience menopause because their experience and wisdom is more important to their communities than their ability to have babies. Sound familiar? Listen to this fun podcast with a gifted writer on the transformative experience menopause can and should be.

What articles did you get the most from this year? Did you share any articles with friends? If so, which ones? We'd love to know, so please share your thoughts with us on the Gennev community forums!



Shannon Perry

January 2, 2020
Director of Programming & Media

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