In my world, every year is the year of the woman, and 2016 was off the charts in terms of women and the highs and lows of being one!

Let’s start with women’s health.

It’s never been so challenged because of political promises that threaten a woman’s rights to her own body…or the way our highest of politicians refer to our body parts. As we move forward, we’ll need to be vigilant, stay informed, and support one another. I think in the end we’ll come through unified and with a better understanding of how strong we truly are.

On the positive, our bodies have never been as supported through innovation with start-ups like Gennev (near and dear to my heart, of course), and our friends at Icon Undies, Thinx, Elvie, Vagenie, Joylux, and Pulse. With every innovation comes greater understanding, and that can benefit us all.

No matter what, women’s health is being talked about.

No matter what, women’s health is being talked about. Talking about something creates progress, and I can’t argue with that.

And the more who participate, the faster we’ll move. With the g-spot, team Gennev is working to bring education about the parts of women’s health no one talks about to the forefront. In doing so, we will play our part in bringing awareness and empowerment to women as their bodies change with age.

Join us in our efforts: engage with us and those we profile on Facebook, Medium, Instagram, and Twitter. Comment on blogs to keep discussions lively. We all have a wealth of experience – let everyone share in the riches!

It’s hard to believe that we’re only four months into it, and yet Gennev-ers everywhere have embraced the stories we’ve shared. In our Top 6 blogs of the year, we talked about my story of starting ,Gennev hormone-savvy nutrition via celebrated nutritionist and blogger Michelle Cartmel, having hope after the election, 7 things one woman wished she’d known before becoming a mom, migraines & hormones, and my personal favorite, streaming data, not pee.

And women’s health is just the tip of the iceberg!

Women are crushing it in entrepreneurial ventures.

There are 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the US; nearly a thousand new ones open every day. Investment in women-owned businesses still has a long ways to go, but as a female entrepreneur that’s benefited from organizations like Women’s Founders Network and She-EO, I’ve seen first-hand how we’re making progress and how much we can achieve together.

Join us for a film event in Seattle celebrating women and girls!

Yes, we have work to do. Let’s start by celebrating women and girls who are living out their dreams. If you’re around Seattle this January, please join team Gennev for Seattle’s premiere theatrical screening of the award-winning documentary Dream, Girl on January 19th. Check out the Dream, Girl trailer here.

Team  Gennev is partnering with the Seattle International Film Festival to bring this acclaimed film to Seattle-based women and girls. And, we’ll be joined by key women entrepreneurs from the Pacific Northwest for an evening of inspiration, community, and a few surprises.

So let’s get motivated, energized, and ready for the most vibrant of times in our lives. Here’s to 2017 – year of the woman…even more!

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Shannon Perry

January 1, 2017
Director of Programming & Media

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