Gennev Contract Physician


Gennev is a digital health platform that offers menopause care and education.

Our mission is to empower women to take control of their health in the second half of life, starting with menopause. Menopause is something every woman goes through, but few are prepared for. In the past 12 months, we’ve engaged 2 million women seeking medical care and education for managing their menopause symptoms. If you’re driven by pioneering new approaches in health and wellness using technology, then Gennev may be a culture and company for you.

What We’re Building

Gennev is building the digital health platform for women in the second half of life, starting with menopause. We offer telehealth consultations with OB/GYNs and Registered Dietitians, health & wellness products and on-demand education. Gennev has the nation’s largest network of menopause trained physicians and is part of the Unified Women’s Healthcare network of providers. Our care model is truly a first of its kind in women’s health and we have curated a specialized network of providers dedicated to improving the standard of care for women in their post-reproductive years.

The Job

As a Contract Physician, you will provide medical consultation and guidance to patients via the Gennev telehealth platform. Your medical expertise in gynecology is critical for improving women’s health and quality of life during the menopause transition. You will work with a world-class team of Board-certified OB/GYNs and a multidisciplinary team of Registered Dietitians as part of Gennev’s 50-state telehealth medical practice.  In this contract position, your lead point of contact will be Gennev’s Practice Manager. Your medical leadership team is led by Gennev Chief Medical Officer Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD, MCSE, NCMP.

  1. Maintain active licensing in the states covered for Gennev
  1. Maintain appropriate CME for licensure
  1. Complete Gennev trainings (compensated time)
  1. Complete Athena trainings (compensated time)
  1. Post up 5-10 hours of open telemedicine appointments per week (subject to your agreement with Gennev), 47 weeks per year, maintain your schedule to reflect vacations, add additional time if requested by Patient Services team
  1. Maintain your Athena inbox 1-2 times per week, or if notified of a message
  1. Respond to inquiries from the MA / RN team
  1. Coordinate care with our RD / Health Coaching team and answer questions
  1. Be prepared for and on time for appointments
  1. Provide care in a quiet, private space
  1. Provide evidence based medical care via telemedicine
  1. Prepare complete documentation
  1. Submit diagnosis codes and orders, billing
  1. Close charts within 24 hours of visit

About You
  1. You have a desire to bring your experience and expertise to support women through the menopause transition.
  1. You embody a growth mindset and are enthusiastic about being part of an innovative care model that delivers menopause medical care within a multidisciplinary team.
  1. You have demonstrated the ability to learn new technologies and systems to deliver whatever the business needs.
  1. Strong written and spoken communication skills

  1. MD or DO and Board-certified OB/GYN; IM with a focus on Women’s Health considered
  1. Menopause experience and comfort a must, NAMs certification preferred (can be obtained after employment)
  1. 5+ years' experience in medical practice
  1. Experience working in a telehealth capacity and within medical record software (Athena) preferred

  • Remote work offers flexibility in workspace, style and time.
  • Contract includes base compensation + per appointment contract rate
  • Company-provided computer and IT support
  • Occurrence based malpractice coverage for visits on our platform

We are deeply committed to the diversity of our customers and want that represented in our team.  We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage everyone to apply.

To apply, email

If interested in the role, please email us at with your résumé and relevant links.
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