Integrated Menopause Care to support the whole you.

Gennev takes a multi-disciplinary approach to menopause care. If you've gone to your doctor and felt dismissed or they failed to address what’s happening in your mind and body, we are here to give you the care you need.

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su and Director of Coaching Stasi Kasianchuk sit and work at a table together.

How does our Integrated Care Model work?

Fill out our menopause assessment to share your symptoms and where you are in menopause

Take the Menopause Assessment

It starts with a simple quiz we call the Menopause Assessment. It provides you with personal health insights about where you are in the menopause journey.

Join your telemedicine visit with a menopause specialist from the safety of home

Talk to a Board-Certified Doctor

Schedule your initial visit with a Gennev doctor, and provide pre-visit health history and symptom information essential for diagnosis, medical guidance, and prescription support. Your doctor will also review your Menopause Assessment results.

Confidence in menopause is achievable

Meet with your Personal Health Coach

You will meet with an RDN who is your personal Gennev health coach, on a biweekly basis to implement a lifestyle plan based on your health concerns and wellness goals and menopause assessment. They will guide you through nutrition, movement, mindfulness, stress-relief and sleep practices that address your symptoms.

We're by your side, every step of the way.

We know that change can be hard, so we have a system that enables you to check in with your health coach or doctor as needed. Our team is your accountability partner for as long as you need them.

Video or audio calls from the comfort of home
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Secure messaging with your doctor
"I'm very happy about the integrated care program and it was one of the reasons I selected Gennev. I will definitely be signing for that sometime next month. Dr Savage was great. She explained to me the newest findings about HRT and breast cancer which was important information in general. It was great to be able to ask the questions that come up as I get further into this stage of life."

Melanie E.

Gennev Patient

We provide evidence-based treatments proven to relieve symptoms in every stage of menopause.

Menopause Diagnosis & Stage

Menopause Diagnosis

We listen to your experience with menopause thus far, along with your health, gynecological, and family history.
Supplements and Vitamins Proven To Help Menopause

Supplements & Vitamins

We recommend natural botanicals that are proven to help provide relief from common symptoms.
Prescription Medication For Menopause

Prescription Medication

We prescribe life-changing medication, like hormone therapy and birth control, to address and alleviate symptoms.
Nutrition and Diet Are Important During Menopause

Nutrition & Diet Changes

One of the most important things you can do to manage hormone symptoms is to create stability through your nutrition.
Movement, Sleep and Mindfulness Go A Long Way In Menopause

Movement, Sleep & Mindfulness

Discover new ways to keep your body moving in a healthy, sustainable way that encourages a healthier lifestyle during this time.
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Community & Programs

Join our online educational programs with a small group of women going through similar challenges like yourself.

94% of patients feel symptom relief after their first visit.

Over the last 6 years, we've proven that our care model works for all women going through menopause, midlife, and beyond.