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Integrated Menopause Care

Gennev takes a multi-disciplinary approach to menopause care. If you've gone to your doctor and feel like they didn't address the root of what's happening in your mind and body, you're not alone.

Few doctors are trained in menopause care, as a result women end up with multiple medications that are a band aid to what's really happening.

Treating the whole person is the only way to improve a woman's quality of life. That's what we call integrated menopause care, and it's why 94% of our patients report an improvement in their menopause symptoms.
Take our secure menopause assessment

Take Our Free Menopause Assessment

It starts with a simple intake quiz we call the Menopause Assessment. It provides you with personal health insights about where you're at in menopause.

Chat with a menopause specialist from the safety and comfort of home.

Talk To Your Gennev Doctor

Schedule your initial visit with a Gennev doctor, providing information essential for diagnosis, medical guidance, and prescription support. Your doctor will also review your Menopause Assessment results.

Our heatlh coaches are registered dietitian nutritionists with special training to support women in menopause.

Meet Your Health Coach

After meeting with the doctor, you will meet your personal Gennev health coach to implement a lifestyle plan based on health concerns shared in your Menopause Assessment and with the doctor.

She will guide you through nutrition, movement, mindfulness, stress-relief and sleep practices that address your symptoms.

Your plan changes as your needs do.

Check-in For Support

We know that change can be hard, so we have a system that enables you to check in with your health coach or doctor as needed. Our team is your accountability partner for as long as you need them.

94% of patients feel symptom relief after their first visit.

Over the last 6 years, we've proven that our care model works for all women going through menopause, midlife, and beyond.