Like the women we serve, Gennev is only getting better with age.

It started with a simple survey to 1500 women in various stages of menopause. Our goal was to learn what solutions women used to find relief from their menopause symptoms. Instead, we learned that women weren’t prepared for menopause, they were embarrassed, they felt dismissed by their doctors, they felt alone. With this information, we researched and spoke with medical and behavioral health experts and built a telehealth menopause clinic.

Jill Angelo

Founder and CEO of Gennev
"What women experience as we age is a normal thing. Even more than normal, it prepares us for the second stage of life, offering so many new freedoms, courage and confidence than before. We have the opportunity to flip this thing from being negative, to empowering women to come into their own."
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    Our Story

    After a 20-year career in technology, Founder and CEO Jill Angelo got tired of watching women struggle through their menopause. Every woman goes through menopause and it happens to hit at the prime of her life as a career women, a mother, a partner and a person. Eight-five percent of women struggle through menopause in silience and only 7% get treatement.

    Gennev's mission is to empower women in their post-reproductive years. That starts with having a high quality of life in menopause, and we're working to create a standard of care for women with proven outcomes. Our team of multidisciplinary menopause experts subscribe to evidence-based treatments and research lead by the North American Menopause Society.  

    Typically, women have to wait 4-6 months to see an ob/gyn for their menopause symptoms. Gennev patients see an ob/gyn within 1-2 days for medical and prescription guidance, and are then directed to health coach certified as a Registered Dietitian to work on nutrition, movement, sleep, mindfulness and sustainable life changes that are critical to feeling your best through menopause.

    85% of Gennev patients wish they would have sought out help sooner. It starts with 1 visit with a doctor to understand how you can have more energy, have better sex, get consistent sleep, eliminiate your hot flashes, minimize the mood swings, manage your weight and be happy. We're with you every step of the way. Let's get started.

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