Like the women we serve, Gennev is only getting better with age.

It started with a simple survey to 1500 women in various stages of menopause. Our goal was to learn what solutions women used to find relief from their menopause symptoms. Instead, we learned that women weren’t prepared for menopause, they were embarrassed, they felt dismissed by their doctors, they felt alone.

With this information, we researched and spoke with medical and behavioral health experts and built a telehealth menopause clinic.

Gennev's mission is to empower women in their post-reproductive years.

After a 20-year career in technology, Founder and CEO Jill Angelo got tired of watching women struggle through their menopause.

Every body born with ovaries goes through menopause, and it happens to hit at the prime of her life as a career women, a mother, a partner and a person. 85% of women struggle through menopause in silence and only 7% get treatment.

Typically, women have to wait 4-6 months to see an ob/gyn for their menopause symptoms. Gennev patients see an ob/gyn within 1-2 weeks for medical and prescription guidance, and are then directed to health coach certified as a Registered Dietitian to work on nutrition, movement, sleep, mindfulness and sustainable life changes that are critical to feeling your best through menopause.

85% of Gennev patients wish they would have sought out help sooner. It starts with 1 visit with a doctor to understand how you can have more energy, have better sex, get consistent sleep, eliminiate your hot flashes, minimize the mood swings, manage your weight and be happy. We're with you every step of the way. Let's get started.

Our doctors are here to help

Loved by our patients

Hundreds of 5-star reviews from women getting the support they need and deserve in menopause.

My doctor was the first practitioner who took my feelings and symptoms seriously and provided both great information and a well-informed, evidence-based plan of care. It'll take a while for me to see how my new course of treatment goes, but I'm SO glad that I sought treatment from an awesome, compassionate expert!

Julia S.

I am very grateful to have found Gennev. I felt totally unsupported and even judged by my primary care physician when I tried to get help for menopause syptoms. She just put a bunch of hurdles in front of me, like “diet and exercise,” which made me want to scream.

Carol M.

Doctor seemed knowledgable and empathetic. She gave really sound advice and seemed to actually care. It was definitely worth it, and I would consider doing another appointment again. Very efficient support staff too, with thorough follow through.

Deirdre A.

No matter what questions I throw at her, she always has great feedback, suggestions and has a become a crucial part of my menopause journey. I am so glad to have her as a sounding block / resource as I try to minimize and manage the overwhelming menopause emotions that are so foreign to me.

Angela M.

Helpful and compassionate with my particular mental health issue (OCD), which rears its ugly head during doctor’s appointments and often gets in the way. I deeply appreciate her compassion and look forward to working with her.

Dawn T.

Dr. Savage helped remove the veil of mystery, and address the WHY all of these changes are happening. Just having clarity, and a knowledgeable person to bounce ideas and concerns off of is a huge gift.

Frances M.

Our Menopause Specialists are available in all 50 states.



We're here to support you every step of the way.