Become a Menopause Supportive Provider

Give your patients access to trusted menopause education and treatments


How Gennev powers your business

Offer your patients the care they need and deserve during this phase of life.

Expanded Services

Expand your practice with menopause educational programs and integrated care services designed to complement the ongoing care women receive from you as their primary doctor.

Become our "on the ground" resource for patients


When our patients need in-person care, we will refer them to our Menopause Supportive Providers near them. By being Menopause Supportive, you signal to us and your patients that you’re invested in women’s post-reproductive health needs.

We offer educational programs to our patients and non patients, furthering their menopause education beyond the patient visit.

Continuing Education

We know how much research and data there is to keep up with every month. Let our physicians help by summarizing key menopause articles and recommendations in the monthly Menopause Supportive Provider newsletter.


Ways you can expand your practice

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su and Director of Coaching Stasi Kasianchuk sit and work at a table together.

Doctor-led menopause education programs

Small-group educational programs lead by board-certified Ob/Gyns on menopause health worries including vaginal health, body changes, and hormone therapy. New programs are added on a regular basis to supplement your one-on-one patient care.

Registered Dietitian guidance

Personalized 12-week Integrated Care Plan from a dedicated CBT-trained health coach and registered dietitian to help improve changes that happen with the body, sleep, mood, and energy levels. Consider our health coaches as part of your extended care team.

A woman sits in a patio chair in her backyard and smiles at the laptop in her lap.

Medical consultations with a menopause physician specialist

If your patient needs care from a physician who specializes in menopause, our board-certified Ob/Gyns are available for virtual one-on-one appointments. Consider our doctors part of your extended care team.

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