Become a Menopause Supportive Provider

Give your patients access to integrated menopause programs designed for whole-woman treatment and healthy living.

Offer your patients menopause support

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Menopause Foundations Program

Small-group 4-week education program led by a board-certified Ob/Gyn on menopause fundamentals; body and emotional changes; and sex, arousal and desire.

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Integrated Care Plan

Personalized 12-week wellness plan from a dedicated CBT-trained health coach to improve energy, sleep, emotional wellness, mood, and body confidence.


Menopause Supportive Provider Benefits

Expanded Services

Provide value-added programs for whole-person care to your patients.


Be a source for in-person referrals from Gennev's national care network and community.


Have your practice listed on as a Menopause Supportive Provider.

About Gennev

As the nation’s leading virtual menopause care provider, we provide the following services to patients:

Evidence-based menopause telehealth visits, evaluation and treatment.

We abide by the latest ACOG and North American Menopause Society research regarding hormonal and alternative methods for treating menopause symptoms, and the long-term health risks and benefits of therapy. Additionally, we only prescribe FDA-regulated methods.

Credentialed and trained health coaches.

Our health coaches are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists trained in cognitive behavioral coaching and menopause. Using evidence and behavior change science to inform their approach, they personalize a wellness plan for each woman with an emphasis on four key areas:

  • Sleep
  • Mindset & Resilience
  • Nutrition & Supplementation
  • Movement
Foundations of Menopause Course

A 4-week group visit with 10 women and a physician where we go over the physiology of menopause, sexuality and long-term health issues, and answer questions in a safe and supportive virtual environment. We recommend to women if they need further evaluation with their physician or if coaching can help them achieve their goals.

Our care model is proven to work

94% of patients report improvement in their menopause symptoms after just three months with Gennev

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