Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Gennev is a digital health platform that offers menopause care and education.

Our mission is to empower women to take control of their health in the second half of life, starting with menopause. Menopause is something every woman goes through, but few are prepared for. In the past 12 months, we’ve engaged 2 million women seeking medical care and education for managing their menopause symptoms. If you’re driven by pioneering new approaches in health and wellness using technology, then Gennev may be a culture and company for you.

What We’re Building

Gennev is building the digital health platform for women in the second half of life, starting with menopause. We offer telehealth consultations with OB/GYNs and Registered Dietitians, health & wellness products and on-demand education. Gennev has the nation’s largest network of menopause specialists and is part of the Unified Women’s Healthcare network of providers.  

The Job

As a member of Gennev’s RDN team you will be a part of providing women with the best post-reproductive healthcare in the world through virtual telehealth services. RDNs play an integral role in peri and post-menopausal symptom management and chronic disease risk reduction through nutrition, health and lifestyle coaching. In this role you will providing care through 1:1 telehealth sessions and supportive accountability via chat/SMS service. Additional work may include contributing to content, product, and program development.  

  1. Delivery of 1:1 telehealth services  
  1. Use of evidenced based behavior change strategies and motivational interviewing to support patients in developing sustainable habits for menopause symptom management and chronic disease risk reduction 
  1. Customization of patient recommendations based on assessed needs and personal goals 
  1. Integration of information from patient’s menopause assessment, medical intake form, and prior encounters with medical providers to establish the best care plan 
  1. Creation of post-call follow-up notes with key topics discussed, supportive and actionable strategies, and relevant educational resources 
  1. Documentation of sessions using HIPPA compliant charting software in a clear and concise manner to facilitate seamless communication between providers 
  1. Recognition when referral to other providers is warranted/appropriate 
  1. Collaboration with interdisciplinary health team including other dietitians, medical doctors, and naturopathic doctors around patient goals and relevant medical history 
  1. Use of SMS texting to provide supportive accountability 
  1. Recommendation of Gennev programs, services, and products as appropriate  
  1. Content creation, including, but not limited to informational video sessions, blog posts, and educational resources  
  1. Collaborative participation in innovation and growth of patient service offerings  

About You
  1. You are self-motivated and excited about innovation.
  1. You have excellent communication skills.  
  1. You have the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
  1. You are willing to participate in a culture of learning where feedback is given and received.
  1. You are open to learning new technology, developing new skills, and innovative thinking .
  1. You have outstanding customer service skills and proven ability to find creative, realistic solutions to help patients meet their goals.   
  1. You are very comfortable working in a dynamic fast-paced environment that aims to work quickly and efficiently to reach big goals under tight timelines.  

  1. Minimum of bachelor's degree in a health-related field 
  1. RDN credential  
  1. Active state licensure 
  1. Ideally 4+ years (minimum of 2 years) nutrition coaching/nutrition counseling experience  
  1. Strong motivational interviewing and behavior change skills 
  1. Comfortable using Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 
  1. Experience with remote based internal communication systems (i.e. Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meetings) 
  1. Professional or personal experience with peri/post menopause 

  • Healthcare, vision and dental
  • Company Paid Basic Life Insurance
  • 401k Plan
  • Remote work offers flexibility in workspace, style and time.
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Monthly internet stipend
  • Ten paid holidays per year
  • Gennev product discount

We are deeply committed to the diversity of our customers and want that represented in our team.  We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage everyone to apply.

To apply, email  

If interested in the role, please email us at with your résumé and relevant links.
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