Mom, menopause and Melinda Gates is a potluck of topics, but theyre on my mind and heres how they come together

In the spirit of Mothers Day, I want to give a shout-out to my mom. And to all moms!

I love my mom. Throughout my life, she was the positive one, the one who let me be me, the one who lifted me up.

Here's a photo of my mom and me last summer celebrating her and my Dads 50th wedding anniversary. This is us rocking a 6-mile hike up a popular ski mountain in Montana. I love this photo because it shows how spunky mom is.

I was reminded of her last night when I went to see Melinda Gates on the final night of her book tour.

She recently published her memoir titled The Moment of Lift. Its a warm-hearted book about how Melinda was lifted and supported as a girl and how shes come to learn through her global work, that if you lift up women, you lift up humanity.


She went on to state in her talk that we are in a window of lift for women and thats what moved her to write the book she's been thinking about for some time.It got me thinking about how I was lifted by my mom throughout my life. She was the rock of support in our family. As so many moms are.

Its a woman-skill to be resilient and supportive for those around her, even when she doesn't feel like it, or when she's not feeling all that great physically or emotionally.

Here comes the menopause part

I think theres never a better time in a woman's life than in midlife [and menopause] for women to lift other women up.

We need it. Our bodies, minds and souls are transforming into a better version of ourselves, but the journey makes us vulnerable.

Rather than asking other women around us if they're having trouble sleeping, having unexplainable mood swings or struggling with sex. We look to our mothers menopause history as the tell-all for what were going through. But, there's much more that plays into when and how we experience the change.

I challenge you on this Mothers Day weekend to seize this window of lift moment were in, reach out to another woman in your life and give her the boost she needs. It doesn't have to be a heart-to-heart menopause talk, but relish in the female energy that connects us as women.

It's amazing what lifting others up does for ones heart. I know for my mom, it was and is, still the thing she does bestand I hope her heart is full.

Happy Mothers Day.


Jill Angelo

May 9, 2019

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