We’re guessing you’re doing Mother’s Day a little differently this year.

For those who celebrate this day — whether you have a mom, are a mom, or both — Sunday, May 10 may be a little short on in-person hugs and kisses.

But the reasons we celebrate mom and give her a day of her own have never been more clear. As the world continues to deal with COVID 19, we’re seeing so many moms on the front lines.

They’re health care workers, risking their own health to care for others. According to the US Census Bureau, “Women account for three-quarters of full-time, year-round health care workers today.” They’re grocery store workers, postal employees, caregivers for the elderly. They’re delivering packages to your door, and struggling to find ways to educate children — even those who don’t have access to technology. They’re home with bored, impatient kids, finding ways to keep the kids occupied and on track while still doing all the other things they need to do.

Moms are amazing. And we want to celebrate them all!

This Mother’s Day, we want to make sure every mom and every woman making it work in these tough times is taken care of too.

Taking care of mom

Midlife and the menopause transition are wake-up calls to start taking the very best care of yourself. Good, healthy practices ease menopause symptoms, set you up for better health for the rest of your life, and can improve your immunity in the time of COVID 19.

We have some really good ideas for you to honor mom – and the mom in you:

  1. With a HealthFix subscription, mom has unlimited access to a Health Coach who can help her design her personal wellness plan. With her coach, she’ll work out the right nutrition and the right exercise, get help with sleep, stress, menopause symptoms, and more. Our Coaches will help keep mom accountable so she’ll be healthier now and for the many years to come. With HealthFix Premium, she gets unlimited access to our telemedicine physicians.
  2. Smart supplements. This May we are launching our amazing new Vitality Pack of supplements, carefully designed and made for menopausal and post-menopausal women. Created by Naturopathic Physician Dr. Wendy Ellis, our supplements are the highest quality, perfectly balanced to complement one another, and sized to deliver the optimum dosage. It can be hard to get everything you need — don’t miss out. Learn more about savvy supplementation from the designer of our Vitality Pack.
  3. Healthy products. We get it. There are some things you’re just not quite ready to buy for your mom. Fortunately, Gennev has lots of great choices! For example, our Ultra-Gentle Body Wash is great for skin that needs a little extra love (and not much else “extra” like perfumes). Our magnesium glycinate can help mom sleep better and have less joint pain.

And bonus! Right now, to celebrate both mom and the launch of our new supplements, we’re giving away a free month of our Vitality Pack to every new HealthFix subscriber.

Give Mom the gift of health with a HealthFix subscription — now with a free carton of Gennev Vitality premium dietary supplements!

Why HealthFix?

HealthFix is a leap into better health. Mom can work with a coach to identify her problem areas and her goals. Together, they’ll create a personalized, sustainable plan that helps her shift behaviors — at her pace — to optimize health and enjoy life to the fullest.

With HealthFix, she’ll learn ways to control menopause symptoms now and to reduce her risk of heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, certain types of cancers, and more in the years ahead.

Other ideas for mom

What does mom say when you ask her what she wants for Mother's Day? We’re guessing, “More time with you” is a frequent answer from years past. But this year, that might not be possible. If you can’t spend time with mom in person, here are some other ways to still be connected.

Skype/Zoom calls. If your mom has a smart phone or laptop, help her get on Skype for face-to-face time with loved ones. This is a great way to connect with grandkids. We know loneliness and isolation are not at all good for us, especially as we get older, so keep mom in touch!

Charitable giving. There are lots of great causes out there, and no doubt you can find one near and dear to mom’s heart. Just be sure to do your research so you know the charity you’re giving to is legit!

Buy local. Small, local businesses have it especially tough during these times, so think about a restaurant that could deliver an awesome Mother’s Day meal to mom’s house or get a gift certificate from a local shop that she can spend online or in-person when it’s safe.

Meal services. We love (and our Health Coaches recommend!) Sun Basket, Thistle, and Purple Carrot. These can be customized to mom’s likes and health needs and importantly right now, can reduce the number of trips she makes to the grocery store.

Music and podcasts. Chances are your mom has a smart phone, but she may not be aware of apps that can make her life better. Help her set up and load up her iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, or other platforms so she can listen as she walks, cleans, does chores – all the things we use headphones for! (Maybe remind mom to wear just one earbud when walking as there are still a few cars out and about and she needs to be able to hear.)

Online games. Would mom enjoy Animal Crossing? There are games out there that may help with cognitive resilience, and since many games are played with others, it’s a great opportunity for social interactions.

Hobby and craft materials. Lots of us are discovering or rediscovering a passion for knitting or baking or sewing (masks) or gardening, so providing her with materials to fuel the new interest is great.  

Nothing matches having you there to celebrate her day, but there are plenty of ways to make her Mom’s Day festive and fun.

Give mom the gift of health

All of our ideas for Mother’s Day gifts have her health in mind—physical, mental, emotional, and social health. The good news is so much of our health is truly in our control, once we have the tools and knowledge we need. What better way to tell mom you love her than to make sure she sticks around for a good, long time to come!

 If you've got more great ideas for the Mother's Day gift you'd love to give or receive, we're ready to hear them. Come on over to the Gennev Community Forums and share your thoughts!



Gennev Staff

April 30, 2020

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