Yesterday was the day; my day for experiencing what decades of women have shared, grieved and suffered through for years.

I had my first hot flash.

I was out for a morning run. It was 46 degrees, overcast and windy. I headed up a slight incline. The same path I take every day.

I suddenly burst into a raging sweat, oddly on my back. I felt faint. Thought I was going to pass out, and that my heart was going to explode out of my chest.

I kept running, thinking that I just had to “run it out,” (like most runners, I assume this is an effective means of addressing a bad cold, chest cough, or even a temperature).

But this was different. The flash lingered on for about a block, and just as I was about to stop and take a walk break, it disappeared.

It was sort of like a sweaty, high feeling. I didn’t like it one bit. Fortunately, it was nothing like the topless woman at book club in the latest article on menopause in Oprah’s O Magazine.

But I did feel like I had crossed the chasm. Like I’d earned a right of passage into perimenopause – the thing that I talk about daily in my life as Gennev CEO and founder.

I sort of smiled. Remember when you got your first period? It was an experience you’d likely prepared for. Many young women search and look for the first signs of blood, and when it comes, it’s almost a mark of womanhood. I had to wait till I was 15 years old before I earned my womanly stripes.

And with yesterday’s hot flash moment, I felt like I had reached another milestone. While I’m years from menopause, the hot flash felt slightly epic.

I’m not trying to romance something that so many of you suffer from. I’ve never had a hot flash in front of an audience, a work meeting, or someone I’m trying to impress.

In fact, my virgin experience occurred when I was going to get sweaty anyways…on a run, no less.

But it did mark a milestone in my womanhood. And rather than feeling like my sexy was being stripped away, I kind of felt like I was more woman than ever.

The hot flash came at another interesting crossroads at Gennev. We’re starting to produce programs related to the symptoms of menopause, programs that will bring education, solution options and lifestyle behavior recommendations to help women find relief. Think 6-week programs designed to help you manage things like Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Weight and Fatigue.

Our first program is all about Hot Flashes, and we’re currently testing it with a small group of women steeped in hot flash flux.

If you’re interested in being part of a select group of Gennev community members who will receive FREE access to the inaugural Hot Flash program, send an email to, and we’ll put you on our list for a Nov/Dec launch.

Till then, my hot flash sisters, send me your remedies for managing the flash, and I’ll post up your recommendations in the Gennev community.

Jill Angelo



Shannon Perry

October 4, 2019
Director of Programming & Media

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