What happens when women realize their stress, anxiety, and mood swings are different than they have ever experienced before, and in some cases may lead to rage and even panic?  Unfortunately, many end up keeping it to themselves.

In Gennev’s annual women and menopause report, 92% of women reported more stress on top of menopause-related anxiety in the past year.  And 45% of women surveyed revealed they were struggling more than they ever had. 

Being in touch every day with women who are dealing with the many symptoms and impacts of menopause, the Gennev health team knew they needed to respond with a solution to help those dealing with challenges in their emotional wellbeing. Jill Angelo, Gennev CEO shared, “We consistently hear that women in menopause struggle with emotional health, but in the last year, women were requesting referrals to therapists. In response, we designed a program that offers a 360-degree solution for helping women manage their emotional health, complete with therapists, doctors and health coaches”.

“Our participants often feel like there is no one who understands what they are experiencing, or worse, they don’t even know how to begin to ask for help.”  That is what Stasi Kasianchuk, Gennev’s Director of Health Coaching, hears from many women in Gennev’s Menopause and Emotional Wellness program where ten women meet each week in a group session designed to provide education, support and guidance.  “In each of the group programs we have held this year, women have shared their relief in knowing they are not the only ones who have been experiencing these feelings – feelings that are often difficult to admit.”

Gennev's Menopause and Emotional Wellness Program offers women three key things that are proving to make a difference in the outcomes of participants:

  • Reputable information – Education on the symptoms and impact of menopause from experts. Women get their questions answered and feel heard.
  • Group support – Sharing and learning from other women in the same shoes is validating.
  • Accessible strategies – Women are guided with new ways to manage menopause symptoms effectively.

The program offers a safe space to participate in discussion about uncomfortable topics. While being uncomfortable is part of the process of learning, women don’t need to go it alone.  The education  presented helps women understand what they are experiencing is often a result of the normal hormonal changes that occur during menopause, not them losing their minds. With recognition that these are real changes there are also strategies provided to mitigate the impact.

“The most surprising outcome from each of the programs has been the meaningful connections these women are making.  They find common ground in the first session where each participant shares what they are struggling with most, and the comradery grows from there.  We have had many women planning to meet in person or stay connected via phone once the program ends,” says Stasi, “it’s heartening to know that this sense of belonging can be found with a Zoom meet up.” “Women are grateful for the learning and the clarity the program offers.  They are building confidence in what they are going through, knowing it’s a transition and not a destination.  I believe they have been searching for information to make sense of what they are experiencing and have found the solution in a group setting with the added support of women whose experiences are familiar to them.”

Are you ready to feel better?

Emotional wellness support is critical at every stage of life, and especially now.  If you feel like you don’t know where to begin in finding the support you need, or even what to ask, Gennev can help you.  Join an upcoming Menopause and Emotional Wellness group program for education and connections, or speak one-on-one with a Gennev Health Coach to help you identify the solutions that are best suited for you.

If you have a question about participating in a Gennev Menopause and Emotional Wellness program, please feel free to reach out to Stasi at Stasi@Gennev.com.




Gennev Staff

June 22, 2021

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