With so many menopause symptoms, and some of them pretty unpleasant, it can seem like the end of your world. Or at least your world as you knew it.

Amanda Thebe was a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, but when she hit perimenopause at 43, things went ... awry. Fatigue set in, and she found her previously boundless reserves of energy were drying up. And, like so many of us, she didn't realize right away that the issues she was having were hormonal.

And like many women, she ran a gamut of doctors who never even suggested perimenopause. Nausea, vomiting, and extreme fatigue led to dozens of tests (even the emergency room!) over nearly two years.

Menopocalypse Author Interview With Amanda Thebe

Fortunately, at a standard well-woman check up with an OB/GYN, the doc was able to diagnose perimenopause after about five minutes of conversation.  A few minutes more, and she had some next steps to start feeling like herself again. 

Her book Menopocalypse is Amanda's way of bringing attention to the fact that women need information and, once they have it, they can actually thrive through this change.  

Listen to the podcast, read her book, then check out her website, fitnchips.



Are you feeling like perimenopause or menopause are the end of the world? Talk with other women and women's health professionals about how they're surviving their own personal "menopocalypse" in the Gennev Community forums!


Gennev Staff

November 3, 2020

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